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Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Wild Root, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Leroy's,

    Well, today I took a chance and visited a very old restaurant. It’s located on Huntington drive which is part of California’s historic Route 66. It is just a walk from my house and I have lived here in Monrovia all my life. I have seen this place all the time and never had the chance to go in and try the food. I have seen many people sit outside for long periods of time to wait for a table. I took today, my day off and said to my self: I’m going in there! Boy, I’m I glad I did. The place is called Leroy’s and it’s been there for over 27 years. Before that, it was a Breakfast King which I believe was built in the 1940’s. The out side is just as it was in the 40’s or early 50’s, the inside is cozy and worm! The people that work there treat you like family and make sure you are a happy customer! The waitress even called me honey and or sugar! And the best part is that they have good prices on their menu! I paid only $6.44 for a full plate of some really good Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, vegetables, a roll and a bowl of turkey noodle soup! The food was good and the serves was even better! I missed the rush which was great for me. I sat down at the counter and no sooner that I had done so, the waitress asked me what I would like to drink. So, I had a glass of water no sooner then 3 seconds! I then looked at the menu and then the waitress asked if I would like to take a look at the lunch special. So, she told me about it and I tried it. Boy, lots of food for little money! Plus, they like men who wear hats! I was wearing my brown Knox I had just won on ebay and then one of the girls working there said: I like your hat but, it needs to be cocked to the side! So, to say the least, I’ll be back there next week!

  2. Very cool, and good prices, can you send some pics of the resterant.
  3. Sure, I'll have to take some first. I'll see what I can do!

  4. I can see that you had quite a "lunch." Sounds like dinner for the rest of us. :p
    Now aren't you sorry you never went into that place before. ;)

    Regards to all,

  5. YES!

    Well, I have wanted to eat there for dinner but they are only open for breakfast and lunch. Yes JP, I had one to many N's in the word DINER. Sorry about that. So, I saw that I had a day off and insted of going to a fastfood joint for lunch, I though I'd try it since it was right there. It worked perfect since the auto parts place was next to it.

    I'll be going again soon!

  6. Hmmm... I didn't really notice the diner dinner thing but now that you point it out it is funny. :p :cheers1:

    Regards to all,

  7. oh, great. Ahahahahaha. Any way, yeah if any of you boys and gals make it to Monrovia, you MUST have a meal at Leroy's!

  8. What's the crossstreet? I'm in Monrovia quite often. There's a 3 Day Suit Broker there and Jakes Barbeque ... yummm. :hamburger
  9. Root is like a block away from the Suit Broker
  10. Yes, it's just south east of me. Leroy's is just a few doors west of Earnie's Auto parts on Mayflower and Huntington Dr. It's cross the streat from Apple Bea's.

  11. Under my schnozz this whole time ... now do I really feel like driving on the 210 in the rain tonight? Hmmmm....
  12. Don't try and go tonight! They're closed. They're only open for Breakfast and Lunch. They close in the early afternoon.

  13. Update.

    On assignment

    I am usually always on the road to someplace or another as I like to travel and am not used to sitting around the house (I wear cars out, it’ll be that way ‘til I get the helicopter). Last weekend was a bit different as I set up to to be a shut in and get some work done that has been piling on the sidelines.

    That day I received a call from my old friend Wild Root who wanted me to head out with him to do some shopping for vintage goods and a bite to eat. I probably would have turned him down as I don’t like to leave work unfinished, though that's what 1:00 to 5:00 am are for right? I felt adventurous today so I grabbed my laptop and hat and jumped into the car to make the 60 mile drive to Monrovia. After a few stores and a few finds we headed down Huntington where we stopped to eat at a little Diner on the side of Monrovia's Restaurant row called Leroy’s.

    Between Huntington Drive and Mayflower Street, Leroy’s has been around since the late 40’s and was originally part of the Breakfast King Chain of restaurants. 28 years ago they took the name Leroy’s. The diner is built into a duplex arartment complex on route 66 with dining on the inside in front and dining and access to restrooms on the outside in back.
    Waiting on the bench outside before we were seated I joked that they were setting us up with their biggest table, low behold after a group of 10 exited the diner we were seated at the biggest booth in the house. If Cheers were a diner this would be it; as I watched the dance of waitress to table interaction it was obvious that the customers were repeat. Our waitress headed for our table and my colleague and I ordered a couple of Cokes (diet of course for me). The size of these drinks was enormous. Following that we placed our meal orders.
    We ended up with the waitress who looked like she stepped out of a movie, her name was Cindy and she wore glasses, had her hair up and spoke with an attitude. “What’s for you sweetie?� We both ordered the Steak and eggs with two sides… medium rare. The turnaround was fast and the banter between Cindy and us was what made the dining ambiance worth the drive alone. This was what I wanted in a diner. The friendly feel, the quick service, the willing staff and the relaxed atmosphere. This place was old school all the way and when we headed for the door it was just an assumed fact that we would be back.

    Aside from some of the melodic Elton john and Cindy Lauper tunes that played in the background, you’d think you stepped into the past. Open only for breakfast and lunch.

    I believe you would call the architecture ranch, though I didn’t go for the architecture. Total for two steak and eggs meals with drinks and 2 sides cost $19.00 plus tip… Now that’s the business!
  14. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Until You Find Your Emma

    It's great to be single.
    Before you have children, you say, "let's go for a drive in the country," and boom! You're driving in the country.
    Once you have children, you say, "let's go for a drive in the country," and boom! You're making sandwiches.

    I think many of us in the midwest view California as a sort of foreign country where all the food is organic by law and you bump into Hollywood stars at the post office and they clap you in irons for smoking and Pinot Noir flows from the downtown drinking fountains. Magical.
    My hometown boasts one bit of magic: a real soda fountain that is unchanged since the mid-20th. It's fashionble now for the kids from the high school to go there at lunch for a phosphate. President Bush made a campaign stop at that store last summer. Bought the chocolate covered marshmallows and got a kiss from a local girl. Big stuff.
  15. You are right for the most part there---all except for the Hollywood stars part. You have to live near there for that to happen on a regular basis. ;)
    Matt, I am glad you had a good experince at the Diner. They are few and far between around here---especially with the great old style decor.

    Regards to all,

  16. Well, Leroy's is really a true joy to eat at. Like Matt said, it's cheap and good.

    The building it's self is a 1940's ranch style that was popular after the war. I like it my self but, it's not for every one.

    If any of you find your selves going down Route 66 through Monrovia, stop on by and have a good meal for two for the price of one.

  17. That sounds like one heck of a deal. What does the menu look like---what do they serve?

    Regards to all,

  18. Horse... they serve horse.


    No, they have most things you would find in a diner. No, not rats! Good standard American food.

  19. Mmmm. Horse and eggs. :p
    If I am in the area I will have to try it.

    Regards to all,

  20. DBLIII

    DBLIII One of the Regulars

    Sounds like a great place to eat!
    I used to drive right past this diner every day:
    and it's still not too much out of my way now. Nice to have these kinds of places still around.

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