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Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Gilboa, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Gilboa

    Gilboa One of the Regulars

    It appears that we have quite a few creative individuals here in the lounge that enjoy themselves as directors/actors/actresses and have recently supplied us with their film projects.

    Rather than loosing these creations in the vast depths of the lounge, perhaps we can create a list here and have it 'stickied' for all of us to return for viewing pleasure.

    The ice cream lady is on her way, the drinks are cooled and the bar on the top level which will offer room for after show discussions.

    Let the reels roll! :eusa_clap


    I have found this in the 'introduction' thread.

    Created by 'Animal Jack'


    Created by 'Atomic Age'


    Created by 'LizzieMaine'

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  2. [video=youtube;LULSZRn_pyI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LULSZRn_pyI[/video]

    This is a trailer we shot for a special presentation of "King Kong" about three years ago. We didn't try to make it 100 percent period accurate due to lack of time and resources and the fact that we blew the budget on special effects. Stop motion animation was done by Mark Frizzell of Boston, a disciple of Willis O'Brien, who does a dandy job with the ape. I'm the one announcing the Oscar nominees, but the scream is dubbed. I'm not actually scared of monkeys.
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  3. Undertow

    Undertow My Mail is Forwarded Here

    WOW, I really liked that! Nice job!
  4. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Great idea Gilboa. And thank you for posting Pinup and the Poltergeist for me.

    Now I need to sit down and watch some of these other projects.

    Thanks again
  5. Gilboa

    Gilboa One of the Regulars

    As I am impressed by the amount of effort that is being put into these projects, it would be a shame to forget about them. And perhaps it will inspire other loungers.

    @ LizzieMaine: I have added your movie in the list with the others. :)
  6. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Awesome! Love the stop motion animation!!!

  7. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Because we are putting these videos someplace where they won't vanish, I thought I'd add our first "Motion Pinup" "Her Big Night"


  8. Gilboa

    Gilboa One of the Regulars


    Now if only I could edit my first post again to add it to the others ... does the editing facility time out I wonder?
  9. Here's a 'film' I did a couple of years ago.
    Made for $100 and is shot 100% on green screen.


    PS. I married the angel last year
  10. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

  11. Gilboa

    Gilboa One of the Regulars

    In that case, may I ask if you kindly would list the latest two additions in my first post?

    The thing is: people often quote in their replies and the thread becomes very slow to view. If all added movies are in the first post, the 'scrolling-down' time would be shortened.

  12. C44Antelope

    C44Antelope One of the Regulars

    I thought they were all great. I especially liked this one. My wife does some green screen work. I'll make sure she sees it.
  13. p51

    p51 Practically Family

    I need to upload the fake WW2 newsreel I made years ago. I've fooled several historians with it.
    I love this video, great job!
  14. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    We think it's better to allow individual posters to comment on their own material in a separate post. But I would encourage folks to always, always remove images and video when quoting.
  15. I had a hunch that might be you, Lizzie, but thought that your visage looked a bit different (at any rate, you look very attractive). Nice short.
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  16. Thanks for the compliment, friend!
    What sort of green screen work does your wife do? For work or for play ?
  17. Eight Days

    Posting that Stairway to Paradise video on YouTube got me another "gig" so to speak working on the music video below.


    The first 30 seconds are 100% green screen. The boy, the girl and the singer were all shot at different times. There's also a few green screen shots throughout that you hopefully won't recognize as green green screen.
  18. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Here is a short video we put together for Valentine's Day.


  19. Stiv

    Stiv New in Town

    This is a site my wife and I make called The Movie Parody Network. www.movieparodynetwork.com In it, we parody film noir movies of the 40's. So far we've released The Maltese Maltese, Monkey Largo, Mostly D.O.A. and What Detour?
    This is a link to our latest release:
    The most superb cast in broadcasting presents, Too Late For Beers, the movie that shocked a generation, (the original movie that is, not this version). A bag of money inexplicably falls out of the sky… hijinks do not ensue.
    Too Late for Beers
  20. Here's one a friend knocked together starring yours truly. :p


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