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The Fedora Lounge Film Festival

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Gilboa, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    LizzieMaine, Great idea. I really enjoyed it.
  2. Thanx -- we actually started running it during our run of "The Artist," which was somehow fitting.

    We're hoping to do a ten-minute "Behind The Scenes" comedy/documentary short this summer featuring the whole staff in action, but in a similar style.
  3. That was great Lizzie! My favorite gadget is the adding machine. :eusa_clap
  4. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    That is great Lizzie!!!!
  5. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many

    Lizzie, that was great!!!!
  6. That was hilarious Lizzie! I loved the "Don't bring in outside food" one :)
  7. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    I love it! Nice job Lizzie!

  8. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Here is a short video I put together for the Night At in the 40's Dance they had this year at the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force.

  9. Looks like it was a lot of fun. The world needs more events such as this; especially with people dressing time appropriate in a setting that is time appropriate. Thanks for the video! :dance:
  10. Gin&Tonics

    Gin&Tonics Practically Family

    Posted at the suggestion of a fellow lounger. This is a news piece from the 2005 celebration of the liberation of Holland. My unit, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada was the only unit in the entire Canadian military invited by name by the government of Holland. Our unit was the first to march into Amsterdam to drive out the germans in 45, and we were very heavily involved in the fighting, so apparently earned a special place in the hearts of the dutch. I'm the second troop from the front on the left flank (right side of the screen). This was definitely quite the experience, let me tell you!

    It was also on this trip that I had the honor and privelige of bearing the wreath at Grossbek cemetery for the last Canadian VC, Smoky Smith, who was a member of our unit.
  11. Kmadden

    Kmadden New in Town

    What's the name of the tune the lounge band is playing in "Naughty Lady"?

    (I can't remember the name — and it's driving me crazy!)
  12. Atomic Age

    Atomic Age Practically Family

    Its "Rug Cutter's Swing" by Glen Miller.

  13. NickyTea

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    Hello Fedora Lounge,

    My name is Nick, and this is my first post here. I've been a long time lurker on the boards, but I thought I'd break the ice with my most recent film project: a serialized film noir short!


    Chapters One and Two are up now, with the rest coming each Tuesday through Christmas.

    I thought it would be right up this groups ally, and I'd love to know what you think.
  14. Hobart Arms

    Hobart Arms New in Town

    I am looking forward to watching these! Thanks for sharing!
  15. cigar joe

    cigar joe New in Town

  16. cigar joe

    cigar joe New in Town

    Short Films Noir

    Well was browsing about and stumbled on to this thread, it seems to be just up our alley, my wife and I are addicted to films noir and when we can't get our fix we make our own.

    Here is one enjoy:

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  17. Gilboa

    Gilboa One of the Regulars

    Not visited for a long time and am surprised and pleased to see this is still going. Some great new additions! :)
  18. This is a scene from a film I've been working on for the past year or so called CURSE of the JAGGAR MOON. It's a film noir comedy which combines scenes culled from public domain noirs of the '40s with new footage to tell a new original story. I am writer, producer, director and star in a triple role.

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  19. And this one is a short I did for an online film contest last year:

  20. One of these days when I get back to rockland I have to stop in at the Strand...

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