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The Man in the High Castle

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by MikeKardec, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. oak1971

    oak1971 Familiar Face

    I think it was great. The end threw me, as was intended. Of course, they just can't leave it there. Can they?
  2. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    They are making Season 2! So hopefully, our questions will be answered. :)
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  3. Julian Shellhammer

    Julian Shellhammer A-List Customer

    Found my old paperback copy of the book and started re-reading it. Sometimes the I Ching passages are hard to follow by someone who doesn't understand how it works. The alternate history has more details, usually given through interior monologues and some conversations, very little given through the narration. We get inside the heads of multiple characters. Being about thirty years since I read it last, I am realizing how much I "misremembered".
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  4. It is a program produced by Amazon and you will need a Prime membership to watch it. Will not be available on Netflix as they are a competitor of Amazon. It is not available on DVD at least not legally. Amazon wants you to subscribe to their service.

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  5. I was "wastching" a 2 disc DVD set on Ebay and it sold for over $60. I will have to wait til it becomes available in Canada or the DVD price drops considerably.
  6. DavidJones

    DavidJones One of the Regulars

    Watched the first episode on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed the story. It has a very interesting concept. Can't wait to watch the other episodes.
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  7. I watched the first episode almost a year ago and recommended it then.... I just started watching the rest with puddin', there's some interesting feelings that come up:

    First, we spend more than a little time knowing that neither she, nor I would be alive in this world as we were both born after VA Day. Like the cripples and mental defectives we'd have gone up the chimney with the Semites and all the rest. Save for a few on the west coast, African Americans would've disappeared off the face of the earth. And we know many in America would've helped round us up too. After all, no Stars of David would be necessary. This would not have surprised us though as many of the "racial purity laws" of the Third Reich were modeled after those existent in the American south at the time of their writing. We were pleasantly surprised at the racial forbearance of the Japanese but not really. As late as 1944 there were polls in the Black Community that showed that over 90% believed their lives would be no worse under the Japanese than White Americans. We wondered if Jews, Gypsies, gays families with handicapped members feel the same as we do watching this series. As a military historian of sorts I know that for a twist here, or a turn there our world would look more like the show than we care to admit. This show, it entertains but it troubles. We know that many individuals of all races would oppose the Nazi's racial designs but we also know, as the Jews of Europe found out to their dismay, how short lived peaceful coexistence can be. How they must've felt as long time neighbors turned them in, jeered and denounced them. That is what happens when there's a hard wind blowing, we learn quickly what people with do to stay out of its way.

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  8. Finally finished the first season and am incredibly impressed. The style, sets, period details, details of what things would be like if this alternative history had happened are incredibly thoughtful, powerful and poignant. What makes this series stand out is that the story and acting (with a few exceptions) equal the gorgeous style. Just one example, Rufus Sewell plays the cold nazi SS officer with a combination of quiet, but vicious, evil in his official capacity and human, touching feeling for his family that is frightening, but because of his acting skill, convincing to see coexist in one person. And the series gains incredible momentum as each episode builds to a final and highly dramatic, tense cliff-hanger ending (but with enough resolution of some open story lines to make it satisfying).

    To Worf's comments above, my views are that we are always closer to the abyss than we think; our civilized behavior, our social controls are all more tenuous than most of us like to believe. That said, even while the majority in Germany stayed silent (at best) and many jeered and denounced those targeted by the nazis, some small but meaningful number of Germans risked their lives and their family's to save Jewish people and others considered enemies by the nazis. When I'm having a positive day, that gives me some hope.

    Yes, all those thoughts run through my mind when I watch this show, but those thoughts run through my mind all the time in small and large ways everyday because, as a student of history, modern parallels to triggers and risks echo all around us. But I still try to enjoy shows like "Man in the High Castle" and hope, maybe, it even helps, in some small way, to educate and remind us all of those risks.
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  9. eugenesque

    eugenesque One of the Regulars

    This series looks interesting. Ugh it's not on Netflix.
  10. If/when it's released legally on DVD/bluray it'll probably be cheaper than that, many series are in the $40 Cdn range.
  11. I'm sure Amazon will put it out soon. Hope so, anyhow: I don't want to subscribe to that as well as Netflix.

    Worf's post is certsinly thought provoking. I'm tempted to save it for the next time I hear some priviliged, white, middle class, Christian saying something dumb a la "why don't people who aren't white don't get into the forties?".
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  12. I hope my post wasn't/isn't seen as a "downer"... To me the best drama makes us "think"... wonder and ponder. Especially if the story forces us to ask ourselves "what would we do in the same situation". What makes that exercise hard for me in this instance is I know the answer would be.... nothing. Maybe try and escape to the Rockies but who knows. how far anyone could run once America capitulated. The scene in the first episode where the Highway Patrolman is asked what the white ash was from... He matter of factly answers that on Tuesdays they fire up the ovens to get rid of the mental defectives and cripples, 'you know, they're a drain on the State". His tone struck a chord of real horror in me. He can't claim ignorance... like many did in Germany after the war.... No he knows full well what's going on and just accepts it. That is true horror.

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  13. I concur.... I believe most people keep their heads down and try to ignore the evil going on around them. But for every person bent and intent on doing evil I KNOW there are many who would risk their lives and all they own to do good. To do wrong in the name of power is easy... to do right in the face of said power... that is God's work. And I'm thankful... so very thankful that the latter exist and continue to do good.

  14. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Yep! It will be here for those dark days of December when i'll need something good to binge-watch! I am SO excited. The latest trailer they released is amazing. I cannot wait.
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  15. MikeKardec

    MikeKardec Practically Family

    Actually, your post really moved me. I had a Jewish grandparent, a tough young guy who found some way to get an education in Eastern Europe and then made good in the oil fields of OK and TX. At the end of his life (1942) he was a wealthy Southern California land developer and there was no longer much indication of Jewishness in his lifestyle, culture, or behavior by the time my mother was born. He was "passing." Yet the Nazis would have known with very little research and I'd have been on one of those lists ... probably much to my surprise, because no one in the family discussed it much, they didn't care one way or the other. SoCal, it was the place where everyone remade themselves.

    I've always worried what would have happened if FDR had said the Depression would be over if we just locked up all the blacks. My dad's 1930s newspapers report plenty of "Democratic Lynchings" among families of boxers and black guys he worked with in the freight yards. History turning into the next phase of ugly could have been just around the corner.

    Historically it seems whenever we have a crisis we get the leadership we crave, it's a miracle and it seems to come out of nowhere. Yet, it's the underlying morality of our culture that chooses the direction that leadership takes. We in the US were lucky, the culture was vaguely headed in the right direction so we got moral leadership. The war probably even accelerated our development. Same with Britain. Our countries were far from perfect but they were on the upswing from what they had been. Nazi Germany and the USSR ... not so much. They too got leaders. Dynamic leaders who seemed, at least to some, to be solving things, doing the right things.

    We just have to hope that we really are who we really want to be. It's a good question for all those who consider themselves righteous ... but they are usually the last to ask it.
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  16. Well written and very well said. Thanks for sharing.


  17. The Uk certainly didn't do well out of the war. I'm sure most of us at least would prefer how things turned out over the alternative, but post-war Britain was a poor place, economically devastated. The UK's war loan to the Us was only finally paid off early in the 21st Century, I believe (I don't recall offhand whether it was towards the endof Bush II's term in office, or early in the Obama era). Rationing continued well after the war - clothes rationing until 1949, food rationing (meat in particular) until 1954, conscription until 1963 (final intake on "National Service" having been 1960). It wasn't really until the early sixties that the British economy could have been said to have fully recovered. For most people in the UK, the fifties certainly weren't the boomtime they are popularly regarded as having been in the US.
  18. MikeKardec

    MikeKardec Practically Family

    Yes, you are totally right. But I was attempting to comment on the culture's development morally rather than economically.

    Elements in the run up to WWII, and accelerating during the war eventually led to the Civil Rights era and the giving up of colonies among other things. That last bit could have been planned better if the situation on the ground hadn't been trubulant but, in the end, those were the right things to do and they were done. Needless to say that those sort of things were the opposite of what the Nazis and the USSR were all about. The war pushed western governments to accept all sorts of cold war craziness yet the underlying cultures kept moving in the right direction. It's also notable that the US, Britain and Germany all gave up their wartime leaders and governments ... the Soviets did not. I won't comment on what happened in Russia proper but we did have indications that not everyone liked the combination of wartime leaders and a culture that was not evolving in the right direction in Germany in '53, Hungary in '56 and Czechoslovakia in '68. None of these countries, indeed none of any of us that I know of, are or were perfect but there has been a trend and if one's culture is on the good side of that sort of trend and a challenge comes along, I'm going to guess (and hope!!!) that good leadership that is also moral will be the outcome.

    Moral enough for government work, at least. I'm not sure we can hope for better.
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  19. This thread, this civil and reasoned discussion is what I'd hoped the internet would produce but rarely does. I love this place.

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