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Thomas Farthing in London

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Hemingway Jones, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I haven't seen anyone post about this place, except for a passing mention in the hats area.


    This place looks very interesting indeed. Here is a video of the store:

    Their clothes have an amazing vintage look to them with cuts that reference styles from the 1890s to the 1940s. Also, it appears that they carry Christie's hats.

    I've asked Edward if he could take a look when he is in the area, since I won't be in London until October, and he graciously agreed. I will share what he finds.

    Does anyone else have any experience with them?

    You have to love a company whose model evokes Danial Day Lewis from "There Will Be Blood."
  2. Benproof

    Benproof A-List Customer

    It's a lovely store, as it should be in the heart of Bloomsbury where there are so many interesting antiquarian shops; photographer's stores (proper film photography); museums, libraries and a raft of tourist tat as well as decent restaurants all within a few minutes of Covent Garden.

    The store itself has quite a lot of contemporary 'retro' brands, as well as some true vintage gems. Finding sizing is a pain and the prices for true vintage cuts are significantly higher than the modern import retro gear. Their shop decor is really lovely. It's very close to the Vintage Clothing Shop which is probably better for my taste than the Farthings, although when you are in London, you have the best of both so why not? Staff are great too :)
  3. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    Although I haven't been to the store, I have come across Thomas Farthing. They were using the Penny-farthing bike, to promote their wares, at a festival that I attended recently. They gave me a stack of bumph, some of which were discount vouchers, so I must get along there.
    When you make your visit in October, do check out The Vintage Showroom, it's not far from Thomas Farthing's place. Another of those 'finds,' also in the same area is Blackout 2. And one last one, although I have never bought there, is a vintage retailer name of: Reign Wear. I could only find a Facebook link, but I'm in London in a week or so, I will try to remember to check them out and report back.
  4. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Thank you so much and thanks for the information.
  5. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    Went there yesterday. Very well presented shop, has a lighting that suits the mood. A word of warning though, this meant I came out with a Beige cap instead of the grey I wanted. However it fits so well that possible stupidly I'm considering getting the Grey in adition now. They tend to vary their look from season to season.

    The manager (I belive, she certainly carried that authority) had a great knowledge. She was able to sell what they were doing with out being at all pushy and was fine with the fact I only had about a 15 minute window to be there and was maybe a little more direct than I would usually be. She also had a great sense of style herself.

    The only real criticism I would make of the brand is that there is a slight fashion element to the marketing and maybe the cut of some of the clothes. However they also do some more authentically cut pieces. Few things outsourced, my hat is city sport, think they also work with Stetson.

    I also brought a lovely silk tie from them, which fits with the early 50s look I like.
  6. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Nice looking things. Are they made in the UK? I notice that sleeves on all the jackets are worn very short. Is this period accurate?
  7. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    I think somethings are really out (at least one awful low rise tartan suit) and some are quite accurate. I think the way they are tailored can make them a little costumey, but of course you could just choose to get it altered more accurately.

    In comparison to say SJC, there's maybe less accuracy. But equally I think Simon's gear is also supposed to be about having a bit of fun with what your wear? Maybe with TF there's the influence of Boardwalk Empire (maybe which at times played with the realities of what was worn). Arguably as well something of a Peaky Blinders element and costuming in that was quite deliberately to the limits of what might have been worn.

    In terms of quality, it seemed good and everything I saw was European made or certainly not sweatshop. Which puts it above say RRL in my estimation.
  8. It's nice stuff, though, yes, much like RRL the problem for me is the trousers. You can sort of see it in the still in the video above, where the ewaist band is visible behind the undone bottom button. Not by any means the worst offender out there, and at the right price I would certainly look into one of their suits, but I'm always dsappoint when a great vintage-inspired look is let down by adapting the toruser cut or modern tastes (still, can't blamke them for anting to stay in business, so.....). FWIW, I believe they are an SJC stockist, taking in at least the polo shirts.
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  9. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    Some of there stuff does have a decent rise but yes most of their trousers- even those with a natural waist, are a little too tapered.
    It also looks like sometimes a model has done that modern 'trick' of going a size down in their suit jacket. Because, y'know that makes it look slimmer, not at all like you've out grown your uniform over the school holidays...

    Some however looks to be pretty good. I see myself primarily going to them for accessoies though- ie. Hats and ties. The shirts look too fitted, the problem is I find say a Darcy shirt too big unless you've got a waistcoat on. I like the look of some off the outerwear.

    If I'm totally honest, its a brand I'd watch out for in the sales.
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  10. I think that's fair: thre are brands I'd buy too, in the sales, whereas at full price there are other alternatives that are closer what I want. In general, though, it's nice to see an efort like this that is at least part of the way there; soner or later, fashion has to favour the hgher waist and wider leg again, and that will be owrth watching them for.
  11. I admire how they have become one of the focal points for repro edwardian looks in the UK.
  12. What they have available looks great, but what is the deal with the mandatory 31" inseam?

    One of the models looks like Urkel.

  13. Yes I got a nice scarf from them, brown squares on it, with a very soft touch... Problem is they only got quite big sizes (from 38 in general) and indeed there is a glimpse of "fashion trendy new retro chic" that bothers me a bit. Anyway, a nice small shop and atmosphere IMO
  14. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I will definitely check this out the next time that I am in Old Blighty.

    The images are impressive. The inseams are short, but I suppose one could order them longer. I find that both sleeves and inseams are shorter in the UK anyway. When I am fitted over there, the tailors are always imploring me to go shorter than my American sensibilities are comfortable with and often I acquiesce, and they are always right. Anyway, the jackets are very closely tailored and the company's aesthetic is pretty amazing.
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