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US Marines and USMC reenactors?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by WW2WaltUSMC, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. WW2WaltUSMC

    WW2WaltUSMC New in Town

    Ahoy! This is sort of a roll call for the Marines here, both actual and reenactors. I'm an Active Duty Marine, and I also do living history with the USMC Historical Company. So where my devil dogs at!?
  2. DELTA0321

    DELTA0321 New in Town

    USMC retired
  3. 1996-2004.

    Former member of the USMCHC, West Coast platoon shutdown unfortunately.
  4. I reenact USMCWR, and my husband reenacts USMC. His grandfather was in the 2nd Marines on Tarawa & Saipan during WWII, and his father served in Vietnam and retired as a Lt Col in the Reserves. My husband tried to enlist, but unfortunately a medical condition kept him out.

    I've heard that USMCHC has a district here in Texas, we'd love to hear more about that as there are not many USMC reenactors or groups in this area.
  5. USMC 8/31/66 thru 7/9/69.
  6. 4th Force Recon: 1993-2001

    [​IMG] I was a 2531 with the Marines from 92 till 01...spent most of my time with the force reconaissance community...
    Miss the gang!!
    I run a small air museum aboard former NAS Barbers Point and MCAS Ewa.
    big into living history only bummer is its not big here....

    Trying to get US Marine reenactors to come to Hawaii for the 100th Centennial of Naval Aviation in 2011. If anyone is interested, let me know...It might involve getting on a C-17 or a CVN or LHD from NAS North Island..
    The plan would be to come over with the naval warbirds and set up shop next to them while here like at the Reading airshow....

  7. Davep

    Davep One of the Regulars

    Here are some, it represent the combine efforts of the 101st and the 34thID out in california. Coming together to reenact as Marines. Unfortunately most reenactors out here only do ETO. But when the HBO mini-series comes out next year, our PTO battle should see an increase

  8. cco23i

    cco23i A-List Customer

    Well boss, if we get a hold of a PBY we are talking about doing Marine ground crew.

  9. JoshK

    JoshK New in Town

    I'm USMC reenactor portraying the USMC from 1942-1945, 1951-1952, and 1967-1972. I am also currently working on my 1937-1942 China Marine Impression. I'm out of South-Eastern Virginia.

    Me doing C/1/5 September, 1942. Near Henderson Field, Guadalcanal:
    http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn24/redjoshman/Fighter Factory 2009/IMG00009_2.jpg

    Our Section with our "War Booty" before trading it to some Army/Navy Flyboys:
    http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn24/redjoshman/Fighter Factory 2009/guadalcanal_gyrenes.jpg

  10. Finally had a chance to sport my WW2 USMC Alphas.


  11. Certainly not the most flattering shot of me, but sadly the only one I have! This was from an event two weekends ago - myself in USMCWR summer seersuckers, my husband is the enlisted Marine in the center, and one of our other friends.

  12. Wow is that a Hawley Helmet liner ? What size loan did you get from the bank to buy it ?
  13. JoshK

    JoshK New in Town

    Actually it is reproduction Hawley made by Rob Lihani. It is fantastic and I love it for using for my Guadalcanal and Tarawa USMC Impression and my North Africa and Sicily US Army Impressions. I got mine with fixbale helmet for about $200. Since demand has gon up allot they have gone up to $150-$195 without the helmet but in my opinion it is worth as it really completes those early war impressions.

    P.S. It is a full Hawley Reproduction which means I can take it out of the helmet and just wear it by itself as was often done without anyone being the wiser to it being not a real Hawley.

  14. Joshk I've seen ratty beat to crap ones for 200.00. Every time I watch Guadalcanal Diary I drool over them. From what I understand they weren't too sturdy. I am fortunate to own a couple of WWII ABN liners. These were when nobody knew what they were. I wonder what I could for them if I decided to sell them.
  15. JoshK

    JoshK New in Town

    Yeah they weren't all that sturdy since they were basicly glorified paper mache. My original(which I keep at home on display) feels pretty flimsy even though it is in good condition.

    Luckily I got a good deal on my original, about $250 with orginal Fixed Bale helmet and ID to a Marine Aviator(probably why it is in the condition it is in):





    Just Liner:

    Here is the repop liner for comparison:
    In helmet:
    http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn24/redjoshman/Misc Pics/DSC_0011-1.jpg

    Just Liner:
    http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn24/redjoshman/Misc Pics/DSC_0015-1.jpg

    http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn24/redjoshman/Misc Pics/DSC_0020.jpg

  16. Thanks for the pics very interesting.
  17. WW2 Alphas

    Does anyone know where I can find shooting badges and ribbons for the WW2 Alphas???
    MSGT Rank?
  18. JoshK

    JoshK New in Town

    For shooting badges I would look around on Ebay as they come up fairly frequently.

    For the 1/2 inch ribbons I would check out this guy:
    Tom Koenig

    and this guy:
    Der Teufelhund
    13b Marina Blvd.
    Beaufort, SC 29902
    8am till 5 pm Wednesday-Friday

  19. thecardigankid

    thecardigankid One of the Regulars

    I have a set of ribbons from Sgt. Major Robles (he owns Der Teufelhund) and they are astounding, and he can get you original shooting badges as well. I paid 12 dollars for all my ribbons. Great to deal with too.
  20. DannyBoy

    DannyBoy New in Town

    Josh - Do you know if Rob's still making Hawleys? I know he stopped production on his C-Rations until next year, but do you know if he's taking a break from everything or still working on the liners? I think it might be time to pick up one, if my wallet survives the holidays.

    As for USMC impressions, I've been itching to do an Army interpreter attached to a USMC unit on Okinawa. I've got at least one picture of a fellow, in one of my books, wearing a camouflage cover on his helmet, and possibly also wearing USMC utilities. I'll have to take a look at that again once I get home...

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