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Vintage 1890's silk plush top hat for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by metropd, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    Condition good
    height 6 1/4
    size US 7 1/4 (58)

    price $110 comes with original box

  2. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    I will include a brand new Puerto Fino fedora, gunmetal grey, size 7,
    2 1/2 bound edge teardrop fedora Plus a Christy's of England Top hat box excellent condition for free. just pay shipping. help a Brotha out....
  3. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    Am I the only one who wears top hats on a common basis? Know one else wears them when strolling about town?[huh]
  4. Top hat

    Dracula maybe...
  5. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    They're maybe a little TOO vintage for most folks on this list :)
  6. Slash, the guitarist, does.

  7. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    I'm surprised so few people wear top hats on a website called the fedoralounge? You can't wear a fedora to a formal event.
  8. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

  9. A top hat is a niche item within the community of hatwearers.
    You can probably count the number of Lounge members on one hand who attend formal events.
    I had a Panamabob straw fedora that took over a year to sell at the Lounge. You might need to give it more than a day.
  10. I am here to heartily recommend owning a top hat. I think it's just like any other hat. At first you think it's just too too. Then you try it, you feel a bit awkward, but after a while you get used to it. Then you start feeling cool.
    You'd be amazed. Peruse Ebay for the different components of white tie formal wear, get yourself the whole regalia, and wear it to any place you'd wear black tie to. As I said, you'll be amazed how nice it feels, and actually how natural it feels. And of you think the women are knocked out by black tie, wait till they get a load of you in white tie!

  11. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    Thank you, exactly my point.
  12. Top hat

    Oh I forgot,the Worshipful Master at my Masonic Lodge wears one when a Mason gets raised on each degree...
  13. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    Of course the modern Flâneur as well.;)
  14. Slim Portly

    Slim Portly One Too Many

    Since we seem to be editorializing here, let me add my dos centavos. This hat is beautiful, it's in my size, and if I could afford it I would buy it. I do not yet own a top hat, nor have I ever worn one, but some day I shall. A top hat is elegant in a way that no other hat is. If I look half as good in one as some of the more gutsy youngsters here like Metro do, I'll be pleased as punch. I will probably do with toppers as I did when I first started wearing fedoras: a cheap wooly or two to get a feel for them, and then on to quality vintage like the one offered here. Bravo to the young lads for showing the old fogies how it's done.
  15. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    No longer for sale. Thank you Garrett!:) ;)
  16. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    Thank you so much for that sincere and wonderful compliment, I really appreciate it Slim.
  17. Beautiful hat. Alas, my wallet's too small and my head's too big. Though it's been many years since I was at an event that called for formal wear, I used to wear white tie in my college glee club and can attest to what dhermann1 says about it. Black-tie formal is fine, but nothing approaches the way white tie makes you look and feel.

  18. :) lol :p :) lol :p Young lad of 62 (almost 63) here appreciates your comments, too!

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