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Vintage 1950s-1960s womens Clothing Must See

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Miss 1940's, Mar 5, 2011.

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    This Vintage Rare 1960's Designer Oscar De La Renta Dress is amazing,and perfect for Summer.The Pattern is this Swell Southwestern Peasant inspired pattern dress.This Dress is a Must Have for any Vintage Collector or Vintage Designer Collection.The Dress is in Mint Condition with no holes or Stains.
    The measurements are
    18 inches Flat Bust
    14 inches Flat waist
    24 inches Flat hips, but Hips are Full
    15 inches Flat across the Shoulders
    10 inches Flat Sleeves
    35 inches Flat in Length, from Shoulder to Hem.
    $150.00,10.00 shipping to Usa, and 15.00 to Overseas and Canada
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    Darling, vintage 1950s-1960s Green Plaid cotton Dress with Matching Belt is Truly Unique, and is Totally Rockabillie.This Dress has a metal zipper that zips up the back.The Pattern is pretty Typical of the Period.There are some Stains on the dress, but not too noticeable, and I have taken pictures to show the extent, and no bigger then a Dime.
    The Measurements:
    18 inches Flat Bust
    13 inches Flat waist
    Hips are Full
    15 inches Flat shoulders
    9 inches flat Sleeves
    36 inches Flat in length from Shoulder to Hem.
    $45.00 plus shipping $10.00.. overseas and canada $15.00 to ship
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    This darling vintage 1950s 2 piece Dress with Matching jacket is amazing, and reminds me something that Debbie Reynolds would have worn in those "Tammy" Movies from the 1950's.
    This dress is True vintage, it Has a metal zipper that Zips up the back, with Belt and jacket..the whole Parring is Amazing and rare.The material is a Cotton blend and the Pattern is Plaid with colors of White, Light Blue and Sliver.
    The measurements are
    bust is 18 inches flat
    waist is 13 1/2 flat
    shoulders 15 inches Flat across
    9 inches sleeves,from Shoulder to Hem
    13 inches Flat in length from Shoulder to Hem
    $75.00+10.00 shipping in USA 15.00 FOR OVERSEAS AND CANADA
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    This darling Hollywood Girl Friday 1940s Ladies Suit is something that you need for YOUR collection.This Suit is a High Quality suit without any noticeable flaw.This suit would be perfect for Viva Las Vegas or any event that you really want to be the belle of the ball. The Details of this suit is classic, its Fully lined Jacket is a light Gray Crepe and the Label reads "Betty Rose". The suit is made of fine Wool, and has a Metal Zipper that Zips on the side of the Skirt.
    The measurements are
    18 inches flat bust
    15 inches flat waist
    16 inches across the Shoulders
    24 inch sleeves from Shoulder to Cuff

    14 inches flat waist
    22 inches flat Hips
    29 inches length from Waist to Hem
    $90.00 +SHIPPING 10.00 USA.OVERSEAS AND CANADA 20.00

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