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What do you call bow tie like these

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by ammarolli, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. ammarolli

    ammarolli New in Town

    I like to have bow tie like these one like the man is wearing on this photo but I don't know what is called and where to get one like these.

    Hopefully you guys can help me find bow tie like this one.
  2. Kentucky Colonel bowtie
  3. ammarolli

    ammarolli New in Town

    Thanks but I thought Kentucky Colonel bowtie were longer
  4. I am sure they com in mutiple lengths. If the one you get it too long for your taste you can cut & sew it shorter.
  5. Big_e

    Big_e Practically Family

    They go by String Tie or Floppy Bow Tie. I saw an older gentleman wear one about 2 months ago. He had on bib over-alls and a white shirt. In spite of that he looked dressed for work, he looked good with that string tie. Since I work in a city building, he must've tied it on real quick to come inside and conduct city business.
  6. String tie is what I would call it. Very Victorian. You see them a lot in old cowboy movies.
  7. ammarolli

    ammarolli New in Town

    Okay so it's called String tie but do anyone know were I can get tie like this in short version because I only find long versions.
  8. ammarolli

    ammarolli New in Town

    I see, so I'll just cut it as I want to have it.
  9. What you might also be able to do is get a length of ribbon about 7/8 to 1 inch wide & use that to make your own bow tie.

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