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What do you use to shave?

Discussion in 'Skills and Smarts' started by Bebop, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. It seems that men don't talk too much about shaving with one another so let me break the silent code: Do any of you guys have a shaving product or technique that you think tops all? Razors, creams, lotions, anything would help. I have not tried the old fashioned brush method. I have a horrible time shaving. I can't seem to shave without having my face feel like someone just sandpapered it. What do you use to shave?
  2. Went through this with my hairstylist yesterday. She wondered if I shaved with a straight razor. I have trouble enough with a safety razor! Seems like it would be a great idea to have the whole rig out - cup, cream, straight razor - but there's a very good reason why someone invented the safety razor.

    I've never liked an electric razor. Too much burn and stubble. For the past few years I've been using Gilette Mach 3 with very few nicks (I tend to be a fast shaver) and Edge gel. I've always wanted to try the high end creams ($15 - $25) Anyone ever splurged?


    Senator Jack
  3. Likewise...

    I have a terrible problem with ingrown hairs resulting in razor bumps. Things have gotten much better (although not completely problem free) since I began avoiding aerosol shaving cream. I now use a badger brush, Williams shaving soap, a Gillette Mach 3 razor and I shave in the shower.

    I wouldn't waste my time on boar or synthetic bristle brushes...they just don't hold the soap or lather as well as a badger brush does. Despite conventional wisdom, you also don't need to spend a lot for a decent badger brush. I landed on a site for Tweezerman and picked up a very servicable badger brush for $10. I have used it nearly every day for the past year and it still looks like new.

    You may also want to check out a previous thread on the Lounge about this very subject! Good luck!!
  4. zeus36

    zeus36 A-List Customer

    If I have time (like on the weekends) I'll use a straight razor and a badger brush with a shaving mug. I have a bunch of vintage razors and am also into knives and sharpening edges, so it's a side hobby. I can power strop the edge on a paper wheel system fairly quickly and also have a horse hide strop mounted on a board for quick touch ups

    During the workweek, I'll use a Schick adjustable double edge razor with platinum blades and the mug/badger brush while in the shower. I use a Shower Tek shaving mirror that connects behind the shower head.

    For travel, I bring a Gillette take-down double edge razor in a fitted case and use standard shaving cream.

    If I would have to go to a remote worksite, I'd pack a Rolls Razor. I got one from my grandad's belongings and have picked up two additional ones. Looks like a big sardine can with a hone on one lid and leather strop on the opposite lid for the wedge shaped razor. This was an item issued to the British troops back in WWII. It is a self contained non-disposable system and you can use sunscreen as a shaving oil.

    Here's a link to the Rolls Razor system:

  5. I just use a disposable double blade razor & Barbasol shave cream

    I dont have much facial hair, except around my chin, upper lip
  6. stbdtack

    stbdtack New in Town

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  7. Phog Allen

    Phog Allen Familiar Face

    I agree with Pat. I use a super badger Vulfix Old Original brush. These are made on the Isle of Man. I wouldn't trade it. I also use the English creams, hard soaps, and the best aftershave products I can get. Excellent quality aftershave product is the holy grail of shaving as far as I'm concerned. Grand brushes, creams, hard soaps, and razors abound. Aftershaves that are great are few and far between. One other thing to keep in mind. When first checking out the pricing of this best quality shave gear, most people(including myself)are bowled over at the price. Don't fret. A $15-25 bowl of English shave cream will last for two or three MONTHS if you use the right amount. Maybe a 1/2 teaspoon per day. At least close to two months anyway. Considering I was going through two to three cans of Edge gel(yuk)a month, this is not a bad deal. Names to look for in creams are George F. Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill, D.R. Harris, Castle Forbes, and Proraso. All are English brands except the latter two. C.F. is Scottish and Proraso is Italian. Both are superb products. Strangely, they occupy the polar opposite ends of the price spectrum. C.F. is easily 33-37 dollars a bowl, Proraso can be had at times for under ten dollars. Follow Pat's links to find out more than you ever knew existed about shaving. Remember, it's only your facial skin you're talking about here. Would you buy a vintage stratoliner and not pamper it? Think of your visage the same way. Take care of it.

    Regards, Todd
  8. matei

    matei Practically Family

    I have a straight razor, but I just can't seem to get the knack. It seems to lose its edge very quickly, and I have to strop it like mad after a few passes. I was getting the hang but haven't used it since we moved. I tried the other day and almost cut my nose off.

    So... I'm still using a MachIII, but I swear by "Taylors of Old Bond Street" shaving products. I've tried loads of other brands, but I like their quality, aromas and how they feel.

    I would dearly love to give up my MachIII, as I find their replacement blade system very wasteful regarding resourses (and pretty dear as well).

    A few years back I saw on the telly some inention contest, and one fella on there who invented a way of prolonging the life of the disposable blades. Sadly, although the judges said that his invention was clever, they couldn't sponsor him for development/production because they'd most likely get sued by the big blade manufacturers!

    I wish I could find details on how he did it... It was some kind of wee contraption with a felt strip and a motor.
  9. I use the Mach III and hypo-allergenic shaving cream (in a can or bottle), out of pure convinence. I want to get a straight edge, and a double bladed safty one, but I have little time. I am working on it, because I am allegeic to all the coatings on the blades of the conventional razors.
  10. Blackgrass

    Blackgrass One of the Regulars

    I too use a badger brush and double edge safety razor. I get an extremely close shave with the safety razor (Old Gillette Adjustable). I am a big fan of the hard shaving soaps. I have tried some of the English creams but keep going back to the soaps. One of my favorite soaps is Col. Conk which can usually be found somewhere in your town...try your local pipe/tobacco shop. I would agree about the badger brush being the way to go if possible. You can always start out with a cheaper brush but in the end you will probably end up moving up to a nicer badger brush. The links that were posted will give you more than enough information on shaving....There are some guys that take their shaving VERY seriously! :)
    Scout around the resell shops and pick yourself up an old Gillette (I would recommend a non-adjustable to start) razor, get yourself a pack a Schick blades, get a cheap brush and Williams soap or Col. Conk if you can find it and try it out for yourself. You will probably spend less than $15.00 if you look around. The brush will be a cheapie for that amount of money but will give you a better shave than anything out of the can.
    I have always been a wetshaver but since going to the double edge razor I can get by shaving every other day because my shaves are so close. I shaved this morning in about 5 minutes...it will take you a little longer in the beginning but you will get it down with a little practice.
  11. Ditto what Green Papaya said...

    Except my my facial hair is dense, wild and wiry. It seems to grow every which way.
  12. I use a boar hair brush with Surrey glycerine shave soap and a old Gillette Trac-II safety razor that I've had forever, it seems. But I may have to try a badger brush, since everyone speaks so highly of them. I'm not sure I want to try a straight razor, though, since I tend to rush through my shaving.
  13. I use a Mach 3 Turbo rasor that gives good results. The shaving cream I use is from the Body Shop. Yep, they sell men's products as well. It gets a good lather and a $12(U.S.) tub will last at least a year with regular shaving because a little bit goes a long way. Doesn't dry the skin out either, like foams & gels. The Mach 3 gets nice & close without a rash, plus, you can find a variety of handels that take the Mach 3 heads that are designed to look vintage. One place I have seen great prices on is Johnny Rainbow's on e-bay. Worth a look anyway.


  14. shamus

    shamus Suspended

    I'm going to go with a straight razor and looked them over, but not sure on the brand to purchase. What are you suggestions...
  15. Try you local antique mall...you can usually find decent straight razors in the $10-20 range. Place them in some boiling water to sterilize them, give them a good strop and you're all set!

    (...might also want to invest in a steptic pencil if you are as skilled with one of these as I am! :) )
  16. Straight razors scare the hell out of me...

    I had a Chollo pull one on me once. Those things look as if they will really cut you if your not real careful.

    I introduced the Latino gent to Roscoe and he left without even a 'by your leave'. Some people, I swear...

    I don't shave everyday, anymore. I shave every two or three days...or maybe longer. I find that it is easier on my face that way. But I also own my own dog training business and am usually up to my neck in 'kennel'. When I was a cop and before that a Marine I had to shave every work day. My face hardened, so to speak. I always shave with the grain and don't really require a close shave. I would grow a full beard again but I look like the Burt's bees guy.
  17. zeus36

    zeus36 A-List Customer

    If buying vintage razors, I like English and German razors. My grandfather was a barber in the 40's and that's what was in his boxes.

    You should research the links posted to learn as much as you can before you buy. There are several types of blade shapes offered, some very specialized. It is not critical, but it is always nice to be informed. The handles have no effect on the shave, they are only for visual effect.

    For modern straight razors, DOVO seems to be rated high.

    This is a system operation.
    You'll need a straight razor hone (a specialized item), a strop (fairly common) and a beard softening agent. ( a bar of soap will work)

    Extras include pre-shave oil (optional)
    Aftershave (nice to have)
    a septic pencil (mandatory)
    a brush (very nice to have)
    a shave mug (any wide coffe cup)
    if you can find a double sided strop, one side leather, the other canvas, get it.
    there is also stropping paste or rouge for loading up the canvas.

    Here is a nice link I used to get started and it has tons of info on one page:

  18. I use my Pawpaw's old "safety" razor. I found a huge cigar box of packages of blades for it on Ebay and have been using it for the last 10 or so years. Actually belonged to the guy in my avatar! That and a can of Barbasol and I'm in business.
  19. I've been told to use a blunt axe. A little lunchtime humor.
  20. stbdtack

    stbdtack New in Town


    Go to the SRP forum and read, read, read -- there's a lot more to it than stropping up an old razor. If you're willing to learn how to get a truely sharp razor (in the beginning this may mean having someone else do the sharpening), and how to shave without, litterally, cutting your throat, then you'll revolutionize your shaving experience. Not only will you produce the closest shaves of your life but you'll also have fun doing it. Good luck.

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