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Featured What Hat Are You Wearing Today?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by AlanC, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Bluegrass Green Camp Draft. 20171114_141038-1.jpg 20171114_141203-1.jpg 20171114_141045-1.jpg 20171114_141422-1.jpg
  2. moehawk

    moehawk My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Hey all!
    A perfect day for a Panizza. Part of my hat swap with Stefan.


    Have a great day!

    Powered by happy thoughts
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  3. Nice...

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
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  4. Lol. Large macaw feather.
  5. Samuel

    Samuel Practically Family

    If you haven't read the book, I recommend it, plus Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat...Just saying

    IMG_6735.JPG I changed into my "Grapes of Wrath" outfit Oshkosh bibs, crisp white shirt, Iron Rangers and Akubra Style master.

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  6. Wesslyn

    Wesslyn Practically Family

    Haven't been hatting it up lately so much because my hair is a little out of control. But today I'm wearing a Stetson Sovereign on a chilly but tolerable day. 2017-11-14 15.08.46.jpg
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  7. Samuel

    Samuel Practically Family

    IMG_6729.JPG IMG_6728.JPG
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  8. Great look Sam.

    I have no hair to control, that's why I wear a hat.:D
  9. I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss Justin. Nothing more to say, hugs will be given.

    Dig the cap, love the jacket!
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  10. philosophy101

    philosophy101 A-List Customer

    Spectacular find!
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  11. Samuel

    Samuel Practically Family

    thanks boss
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  12. Simply a beautiful DOBBS Matt. Early version of the Golden Coach stamping. Couldn't be later than mid-50s with those lines.
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  13. Awwww! The City of Love. You two are so cute I need insulin!
  14. Wesslyn

    Wesslyn Practically Family

    Just got my prescription filled if you need to borrow some
  15. No. It was a macaw.
  16. Bjorn240

    Bjorn240 One of the Regulars

    Brown early 60s Cavanagh.

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  17. Nice duds.

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