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What's For Breakfast...

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by raiderrescuer, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. raiderrescuer

    raiderrescuer One of the Regulars

    We did Dinner, now it's Morning time...What's for Breakfast:

    In my house we had Crepe's...usually a once a month Special. Made with Real Farm Fresh Eggs.

    What's on your Menu ???
  2. Usually every Saturday morning I go down to the Rockland Cafe, a lunch room on Main Street, take a seat at the counter, and the waitress automatically brings me two scrambled eggs, a side of sausage, white toast, and a cuppa tea. And I sit there and read the paper and make small talk with the other regulars.

    Too rainy to go downtown today though -- so it was a bowl of Grape Nuts Flakes, a glass of cranberry juice, and tea. Tomorrow, it'll be the usual Sunday breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast and juice and tea. (I'm a creature of well-defined habits!)
  3. Samsa

    Samsa Guest

    I have frosted shredded wheat virtually every morning.

    Exciting, no?
  4. This morning I had yogurt, granola and a banana
  5. jake_fink

    jake_fink Call Me a Cab

    A bagel, a coffee, another coffee.
  6. magneto

    magneto Practically Family

    I like grapefruit (people don't seem to eat enough grapefruit anymore, darn it!) and a soft-boiled egg w/toast. Classic Golden Era breakfast ;)
  7. Breakfast,.....it's what's for dinner.

    Breakfast is awesome any time of day! :)
    Bacon, eggs, sausage, home fries, and yes,....grapefruit. ;)

    It's all good! :D

  8. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here


    Two cups of Instant Coffee and a home baked bran muffin! Lately, I'm enjoying those toaster waffles with bananas, strawberries and syrup. (I save my cereal for mid-nights snacks.). Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!
  9. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Eh, right now coffee. I'm up earlier than usual. I usually have my coffee first thing, and then a few hours later I'll have either an egg white veggie omelet, oatmeal with honey and blueberries or whole grain waffles. Sometimes I'll make pancakes on Sunday.
  10. artdecodame

    artdecodame One of the Regulars

    Lots of coffee, and something small like fruit or a pastry. I'm pretty boring when it comes to early morning meals, possibly because I'm just not awake enough to be all that hungry! :confused:
  11. Bagels, Lox, Cream Cheese, Creamed Herring, Tomatoes & Onions.

    Wait, did I just categorize myself?
  12. Novella

    Novella Practically Family

    Toast every morning, no butter, no jam just plain toast. When I live near a Trader Joe's it's always English muffin bread toast (better than regular bread or regular English muffins and just sqeaks by sourdough). Usually accompanied by tea. Sometimes I make orange muffins or have cereal but it's usually toast.
  13. Damn! Now you have me craving it!
  14. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    For me it's usually just coffee...maybe an english muffin
    my favorite breakfast item is either a denver omlete, or belgian waffle with strawberries and whip cream...Mmmmmmmm
  15. I actually rarely eat breakfast on weekdays, but on the weekends is the usual stuff: bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast.

    I actually ate caviar one morning for breakfast(it was the cheap stuff, though). :p
  16. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    caviar (the good kind at least) really isn't all that bad...took me a long time to get brave enough to taste it though! I'm the type of person where it's better not telling what something is, if it's weird, cause then just the thought of it makes me lose my appetite! I tried fried octopus last night (fried clamari) was actually really good...had no idea what I was eating till later though!:p
  17. "Doc" Devereux

    "Doc" Devereux One Too Many

    A big mug of tea and a couple of cigarettes.
  18. I made Scotch Eggs: hard boiled eggs, wrapped in low-fat sage sausage, rolled in bread crumbs, then baked (most people deep-fry them). I brought a few in to work to share.
  19. Caledonia

    Caledonia Practically Family

    Porridge with fruit, or grapefruit with toast and boiled egg, or fresh fruit and a croissant, or a veggie bacon buttie, or toast with marmite/tartex or similar, a smoothie, or left over pizza, left over curry, left over potato salad, tiramisu, maybe the christmas trifle, and all washed down with a cup of hot water and lemon to start, followed by two cups of tea, maybe some fruit juice, and about 10 different supplements. But never a fry up - make's me feel queasy. That's all folks! :D

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