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Would anyone be able to tell what year this is from?

Discussion in 'Radio' started by zaika, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. zaika

    zaika One Too Many

    Hey! I just bought a table radio on the 'Bay, and there wasn't any information about the date in the listing. It's not super important because I like it no matter what, but I'm curious as to what year this might possibly be from? I'm thinking post-WWII? I tried doing some research using The Google...but all the radio lingo confused me. :eusa_doh:

  2. drjones

    drjones A-List Customer


    Have you looked to see if there is a maker's mark or something on the molding? Barring that, Id see if you can open it...Parts inside are BOUND to have a date or date it just by the technology. Internet searches for images help too. Thats the archaeologist's two cents. :D

  3. Flivver

    Flivver Practically Family

    You're right about post WWII. It looks 1948-1950 to me.

    If you can find the model number on the back, I can probably give you a more exact date (if I can find my Sam's Photofact Index).
  4. Lil' Miss A

    Lil' Miss A Familiar Face

  5. I'd agree, 1946 to 50.
    Now, if it has any buzzor humm that would indicate that the capacitors are bad. You should have it looked at by an expert, and have the caps replaced. That's pretty much a requirement with old tube radios. And if you really get into it, the good old SStran AMT3000 AM transmitter will enable you to listen to ANY input on it. Enjoy!
  6. zaika

    zaika One Too Many

    that did the trick, dr. jones!! lol thanks!

    1952. i was hoping that it was at least 1948...not that it really makes a difference.

    however...i think i might save up for one of those restored beauties from the radio attic website. wowie!!!:eek: thanks a lot dhermann, for introducing me to that website. geez. yet another thing to drool over. lol

    oh...and that AM transmitter made me go weak in the knees. d'ya mean to say that with it i can even PLAY MY RECORDS over the old radio?
  7. Exactly. It's a little box with an antenna. Any input, CD, phono, internet radio, etc., goes in and creates a low power AM signal. You'll be a radio station to anyone with about 1/4 mile or less. Some people use them for radio stations with apartment complexes. I just use mine to broadcast to my big Zenith console ten feet away. A lot of people here have them. To get one pre assembled (as opposed to kit form) costs about $150. Strictly legal if used as directed.
  8. zaika

    zaika One Too Many

    hmmm....my leetle brain has begun to think. lol the thought of broadcasting my vinyl makes me very happy. very happy, indeed.

    btw...do you suppose an FM transmitter would work as well? i have one for my iPod...it's not perfect, but it gets the job done when i just want to listen to my iPod over my stereo.

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