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  1. BellyTank

    Bush Jackets

    Giubba, Giubba Hey! But Vento, there's more!
  2. BellyTank

    On yer bike!

    I have a Danish-designed/built bike- quite nice actually. B T
  3. BellyTank

    Fishermen's sweaters site

    That is exactly the required style, Mr. Beaumont. B T
  4. BellyTank

    Rather ridiculously amazing German motorbike jacket-heads up

    It's a nice one. '50s, '60s even. B T
  5. BellyTank

    How-to? Waxing cloth, a la Barbour.

    I'm here. Just too many projects researched and not completed. Been thinking about this one in tghe last week, or two. I have a new baby boy, too- so I'm busy enough... B T
  6. BellyTank

    Burberry Ursula jacket - anyone have one?

    You mean Barbour? Saw one, looks OK. B T
  7. BellyTank

    Depression Era clothing: Cinderella Man?

    Full circle- he's a member here at the FL. Shouldn't have looked so hard... 8) B T
  8. BellyTank

    Cold Climate? Here's THE Hat - Stormy Kromer

    Hi Dan. I have a "Panzer" cap too but a single button variant, which I like. I also have a civilian style one, with buckle instaead of button. Like 'em. Kromer, next winter- all hatted out for now. B T
  9. BellyTank

    A Safari Jacket Potpourri.....lots of pics

    Another good method for losing some colour is the Oxy-Clean/Vanish/etc... (powder)cleaners- they take some colour and vintage-ify at the same time. Bleaching can have some unexpected and disastrous results, depending on the quality of the dye job. Khaki which turns orange was one I remember...
  10. BellyTank

    H&M Organic Denim...

    Just a heads up for cheap denim. Nothing fantastic but... Hennes & Mauritz, H&M have some jeans("Sliq"), which are labeled as "organic cotton". They are relatively low waisted and don't have a selvedge inseam BUT the denim is super dark, bright indigo and stiff and even smells good...
  11. BellyTank

    i shrunk my cooper g-1 (on purpose)

    ...would that be an Irish invention..? B T
  12. BellyTank

    What are you wearing today??

    Not the first I've noticed you wearing ;) B T
  13. BellyTank

    The only real Diner in Denmark

    Hmm... not so far from my old place, Söndrefasanvej. But Copenhagen also has the ONLY best restaurant in the World! NOMA. B T
  14. BellyTank

    Eastman Roadstar... What Lousy Timing

    The Roadstar is one of ELC's old designs from 20 yrs ago, brought back to life. Seeing those photos of the jacket, it really looks a lot nicer than Aero's offerings. Aero jackets seem way to stiff. O'pinion. B T
  15. BellyTank

    Unworn Walk-Over shoes pre-1900 (?)

    I'm sure you've learned something today :) B T

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