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    Thoughts on my new RM A2?

    When I first looked at your photos I thought - Man that is a nice looking jacket! Then I went on and read all the critical posts about how it fits etc., and then I went back and looked at the pictures again, and thought… Man what a beautiful jacket! Perfect fit! I love the high collar, I love...
  2. BobJ

    Cordovan leather jackets - what do you really think?

    “Claret” - Might be a good name for it.
  3. BobJ

    F/S - VANSON COMET - size 48 - medium weight

    Is this jacket still for sale? May I ask how much it weighs?
  4. BobJ

    Bill Kelso A-2, Arco 42-18775-P, Victory HH

    May I ask you how much it weighs? And why you are selling it?
  5. BobJ

    Goodwear Leather Monarch M-422 *New*

    Keep it. It looks great, and I'm sure it will be a comfortable friend to grow old with.
  6. BobJ

    My New JL

    Fit is a personal thing, but I think it looks absolutely perfect on you, wouldn't change a millimeter! Much tighter and it would be harder to live life in it, and do things like talk on your phone, eat a meal, or push your grandkids on the swing. I also like the line of stitching in the hem -...
  7. BobJ

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    When I first saw the photos of this jacket, BEFORE I saw the last photo where it's on you, I had the distinct thought that this jacket looks like something navetsea would design and wear. What I'm trying to say, is that you now have a recognizable style, like Thedi... or Beethoven!
  8. BobJ

    Aero jacket - some leather advice please

    @ David r CXL, whether horsehide or steerhide, is so stuffed with wax and oil, that it does not breathe. It will be like wearing heavy rubber for your two long daily walks. I have just one leather jacket, it is a half belt in the seal jerky horsehide. It is my daily wearer here on the wet...
  9. BobJ

    What would you tell your former self about ordering a custom Aero?

    I think I could sort these jackets into chronological order, based on the color of your beard!
  10. BobJ

    Post your KEEPER jackets. Here's mine and I mean it this time..!!

    Easy to wear, isn't it? :-)
  11. BobJ

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    That jacket is amazing! You must be wearing it a lot, because it sure has acquired some deep character since you got it. Look at those sleeves! What are you thinking about unlined jackets now?
  12. BobJ

    Can I have your opinion on an Aero Board Racer I just got from the Blue Label page?

    Those "mismatched" panels will match like twins with wear and patina. Those little scrapes will disappear in a snowstorm of new ones. The jacket is beautiful, and you're a lucky lucky man if it really does fit you perfectly.
  13. BobJ

    'Godless' Whiteys Leather Jacket

    Here's the back of it:
  14. BobJ

    Einstein Levi's Leather Jacket Sells for $147,000

    The Levi site says Sheep leather - actually it says "seep" o_O

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