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    Cockpit G-1 Classic "100 Missons" Flight Jacket 42 NEW UK

    Cockpit (formerly Avirex) G-1 Classic "100 Missons" Flight Jacket Size 42 NEW with tags Measurements on Cockpits website. I just received this, but unfortunately its a touch big on me. I was recommended to get a size up, but I guess Im too skinny. I AM LOOKING INTO RETURN COSTS, so if this does...
  2. Brettafett

    Good Harrington or Barracuda Jacket..

    Ive also been on the lookout, but also dont want to spend a large sum. But it must be comfy. Any comments on which tends to have 'slightly' longer lengths, esp sleeves...? Somehow missed Merc. Been through few. Returned most, found some 'cheap', weird short sleeves... Tried on a Baracuta G9 at...
  3. Brettafett

    75th FS 23rd FG Tiger Sharks CBI WW2 leather patches NEW

    Here is a set of high quality leather patches, hand painted by the Sean Collins (A2 Jacket Patches), on genuine leather just like originals were. Produced to exacting details and sizes. These depict the 75th Fighter Squadron of the 23rd Fighter Group (succeeding the AVG Flying Tigers), based in...
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    Cockpit USA Classic 100 Missions G-1 jacket

    Thanks, but Im sure a 44 is one size too big. I've gone and grabbed a 42, currently on the way... Hoping it works... But it looks like you have some interest there. I have owned a couple of these jackets, and can attest to good quality and comfort. Worth it if you can get for a good price.
  5. Brettafett

    Cockpit USA Classic 100 Missions G-1 jacket

    Thanks everyone, Ive owned a couple of 40s in the past, sold of... but recently tried a Heroes 42 and it was good. So, I think the rule of thumb, sizing one up from chest is a good call (Im 40") Im interested again, due to Cockpit separating the leather panel at the base of the zip, which is...
  6. Brettafett

    A2 sizing

    Welcome to the A-2 I think that is a great fit for an A-2. Generally, most WW2 A-2s were worn this way, they had to be able to layer... I think lengths are good and this jacket will wear in beautifully over time. Further to what has been mentioned above... This is not the best design/ type of...
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    BK Liberty HH alternative...

    Mark, I have a few BK Liberty HH A-2s, its my favourite leather. Vicenza is great, a little heavier yes, but not much so. In terms of ageing it really depends how you wear/ treat your jackets. I cycle mine, so they have not worn in like some, or lost any top finish etc... That said they are...
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    DEVOTION the movie

    Not sure how many have seen the trailer, might have been eclipsed by Maverick, but its looking pretty good. Based on the fantastic 'true story' book of the same name. https://adammakos.com/devotion-book.html Jackets look ok, better than Midway et al. Likely some Cockpit USA jackets, mixed in...
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    AVI LTHR & Outland 55J14 G-1 jacket giveaway...

    Hi guys, Morten has graciously given us a G-1 to give away in our Outland Top Gun 2 promo. If you're interested, give it a go ;) https://www.facebook.com/outlandsynth/
  10. Brettafett

    Bill Kelso Harleys Cafe Racer

    Funny to read this thread. For what its worth, I own 2 BK A-2s (among others) and they are both keepers. Ive been around a long time and owned jackets from almost everyone in the game, and these jackets are second to none. Period. All depends what you're after I guess. Politics and history...
  11. Brettafett

    Eastman Star size help!

    Fit is a subjective thing, as are dissecting WW2 pics. Im selling my ELC Monarch because it feels a bit large on me. And its a pain, because the jacket is insane! But no amount of wishing is going to change the fact. I have 4 other high end A-2s that fit me beautifully, makes its pretty...
  12. Brettafett

    ELC Monarch 23378 A-2 Size 42 F/S

    Still for sale. Asking £850 PP F&F posted UK (posted elsewhere at agreed costs) ELC has had a price increase, now £1199 Essentially new, mint condition. Only worn for fit picks and once outside the house.
  13. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR Classic styles... Looking good

    AVI just dropped some new CLASSIC styles... https://www.avileather.com/product-category/leather-jackets/classic-jackets/

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