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  1. Chinaski

    Cowboy Boots

    Yahoody, you said a mouthful about the benefits of keeping 'em light. I’m curious about the problems with the Nicks - didn’t fit right? I have White's (love the high arch) and can’t believe there would be much difference between White's and Nick's. Not sure if you know, but Nick's former GM...
  2. Chinaski

    Cowboy Boots

    Last point (don’t want to hijack the thread!) - I got the Altra Lone Peaks from a store that let me first buy a different brand, go hike in them, then return them when I got blisters. A store staffer recommended the Lone Peaks - I thought they were “fugly” but turned out to be awesome! I think...
  3. Chinaski

    Cowboy Boots

    DD, I really wanted to love the Merrills - they’re light, priced okay, and don’t trap a lot of heat, which you know is good in SoCal! I didn’t realize how much they made my feet feel uncomfortable until I started hiking in the Altras. I’d highly recommend them to you for hiking if you’re up for...
  4. Chinaski

    Cowboy Boots

    Desert Dog, I've done quite a bit of hiking in the last few years and got to the top of Whitney on a day hike last July. I started out with those same Merrills you probably have, Moab Ventilators, as they’re fairly light for hiking boots. Best thing I ever did was switch to trail runners, and...
  5. Chinaski

    Stetson 7X clear beaver size 7-3/8 $200 shipped

    That’s a rare opportunity for a beauty! Too bad my size is exactly your size and this one's too big for you.
  6. Chinaski

    Cowboy Boots

    This thread needs a bump...anyone got any new boots to show off?
  7. Chinaski

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    I'll back you up too, Garrett. Just needs a cigar!
  8. Chinaski

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Okay, and how about the Stetson? And thanks for the backstory on the Rogers Peet hats. It's too bad they've gone a bit brittle. I wonder if they could be slowly re-humidified?
  9. Chinaski

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Some excellent hats gentlemen! Just a question for Michaelshane - I would love to hear some more information about the last two hats you posted in this thread. Both are quite interesting and not immediately readily identifiable. Thanks for anything you'd care to share.
  10. Chinaski

    Full Hat Collection Photographs Thread

    Some nice double teardrops in that last photo, barrowjh!
  11. Chinaski

    Hat Resolutions, 2013

    As long as I'm not out of ham on rye...
  12. Chinaski

    Hat Resolutions, 2013

    I would like to acquire an OR of 50's or earlier vintage in better than Royal Deluxe quality, in really good condition. Let it be known! I'm willing to pay! PM Chinaski!!!
  13. Chinaski

    Newby to Forum. New hat questions

    Merry Christmas Mr. jrbobbyh, and welcome to The Fedora Lounge! You have come to the right place to find answers to your questions, and I might suggest reading through the great wealth of information that the site holds. Many would concur that modern hats (those in production today) cannot...
  14. Chinaski

    A Decade of Schoble Hats 1912-1922

    Pavlov's dog here...you rang, rlk? So many cool hats.
  15. Chinaski

    Thank You

    As a sporadic poster and reader in these fine pages, I also heartily endorse Alan's sentiments. Lots of fun here with everyone's contributions. Long live the Lounge!

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