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    Aero Leather question

    Aero has an amazing support team, you can ask them all your questions and they will guide you to the best possible fitting. When I ordered my first Irvin I was pretty convinced with my measuring but they suggested me some tweaks which we agreed upon and my jacket when it came it was perfect...
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    New style from Aero: Wilderness

    it looks so f-cool
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    Bill Kelso Indy Jackets ?

    wested started making legacy leather jackets, which are a bit more expensive than the regular ones but the leather itself is very good quality
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    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    just ordered another Irvin Jacket from Aero! With gas prices going up I guess I'm gonna live in that for the winter lmao. Anyone else ordered a sheepskin from aero receiving waiting times
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    Wested Legacy Range - The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket - 39"

    I'm selling my Wested Indy Jacket from the Legacy range (the range where they used the highest quality and closest goatskin leather to the original), chest size 38". Th cut of the jacket is the one from Raiders of The Lost Ark, and the jacket is cut to be "Hero", so it comes with all the quirks...
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    Aero Irvin 38"

    I don't think yo really need those imprecise broad size guides when you have specific measurements. Anyway 38" should be between S and M all over the world
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    Aero Irvin 38"

    it's stated in the title, size is 38". 38" means 38" chest, all the sizing are also listed in the third post
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    Aero Irvin 38"

    jacket still up
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    Aero Irvin 38"

    there's no real ideal fit for these jackets. They were produced to accommodate figures of all kinds in times of war, so even historically you would see fits that were all over the place. I personally don't think it would look wrong on you as the cm difference is not that much. It would be ideal...
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    Aero Irvin 38"

    in the main post I wrote 700 pounds which is 830€, how 730€ is an increase in price
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    Aero Irvin 38"

    lowering price at 730€
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    Aero Irvin 38"

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    Aero Irvin 38"

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    Aero Irvin 38"

    It wears quite "short" for me actually, as it should have. These coats were made in a time where very long-waisted pants were the norm and most jackets wore "short". It's not very clear from the pictures but it barely covers the belt of my regular waisted jeans, and it's covered only because of...