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  1. DEV. Woulf

    In Search of Perfection

    In Search of Perfection
  2. DEV. Woulf

    Vanson Model B opinion

    On the topic of the Model B: If one was looking for a strong black jacket custom made by Thurston Bros, would there be any difference in quality compared to the CXFQHH or CX Steerhide offerings from Aero? I know the companies do things differently, but I'm asking about the hides themselves...
  3. DEV. Woulf

    Thurston Italian Vicenza Horsehide Full Grain Veg.-Tanned Horsehide for Aero Jackets

    I think the dark seal and russet would look really good too as the colors are both earthy and contrasting. Carrie, do you think the normal seal and russet could go together? Would seal be too bright and clash? I was wondering if something like this was possible or would the dark seal be a better...
  4. DEV. Woulf

    Good Wear vs. Aero?

    Thanks for all the great comments. Thinking of a brown & brown two-tone, on a Bootlegger if possible. Sort of like this, but darker. Might need to use the new Italian hides for that. I am aware of that, but I think I need a custom jacket. I am short and stocky and I usually wear size...
  5. DEV. Woulf

    Good Wear vs. Aero?

    Hiya. I'm looking at jackets from all the good makers mentioned on here but have really fallen in love with Aero. They sell many jackets that have a cool edge to them which drives me crazy, such as the Bootlegger and Sunburst. Recently though I've read a few posts saying Good Wear was higher...

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