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    Interesting story - I think this could be many of us.

    WOW! A tip of the (top?) hat to this gentleman! Thank you for the posting. It really made my day!:eusa_clap
  2. Flitcraft

    Fictional characters defined by their hats

    The bowler hat becomes almost a character unto itself in The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
  3. Flitcraft

    Show Us Your Grotons!

    Hmmm.... Might getch ya slapped...:rolleyes:
  4. Flitcraft

    JC Penney: American Living

    Wow! Looks pretty cool! Glad you posted the review... I'd seen this jacket in the store when I was in a mad hurry and didn;t have time to check it out. Gott admit, I was also reluctant 'cause I was afraid it would look great 'til I got up close, and then...heartbreaker!
  5. Flitcraft

    Tweed taking over today's fashion: old news?

    Not in my little cranny of the universe... Where I live, most people would choose death by lethal injection before dressing nicely for any occasion...you should see what people wear to the local WalMart... and speaking of odor...let's not even start on uh, err "relaxed" personal hygiene standards.
  6. Flitcraft

    Historic Hillwalking

    Tip o' the fedora, Mr. Mose... Love the catalog...amazing how stylish one could be for a tramp in the woods...once again, reminds me I was born in the wrong era...(whistles wistfullyy...)...
  7. Flitcraft

    What if George Lucas.......

    "One of the executives even cried..." Me, too!lol
  8. Flitcraft

    When does it become a costume?

    Edward... I have to agree with you to a point. He's based in London and works in fashion, so I would expect either a little more embracing of cutting edge, or a stricter adherence to classic style... he seems to go both ways...[huh]
  9. Flitcraft

    When does it become a costume?

    tonyb. et al... You're right- I don't completely agree with him, either, but he's a guy who's trying to inject some individualism into his daily clothing choices, while still being taken seriously in a business context... so , he brings up some good points. Much as I extoll the virtues of...
  10. Flitcraft

    When does it become a costume?

    You're welcome!:) :p
  11. Flitcraft

    When does it become a costume?

    That's funny, I was just reading this... http://permanentstyle.blogspot.com/2008/03/when-style-becomes-costume.html Interesting how the so recently "required" dress for businessmen in London- conservative suit, brolly and bowler- is now seen as "costume"...
  12. Flitcraft


    Yikes!:eek: You've really called down the wrath of the Malware Gods upon your head....
  13. Flitcraft

    Homburg Nation

    Man, that is a beaut! Shame it doesn't fit your noggin...
  14. Flitcraft

    Is this tie too formal for everyday wear?

    "Is this tie too..." Wear it. It looks great...!
  15. Flitcraft

    The Seven Basic Plots

    I've seen something similar before... but I always wonder, where does King Kong fit into this theory...hmmm...[huh] :rolleyes: :)

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