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    Post Brexit import experiences

    So VAT is included in the price? I was trying to find that out but they just said that the price is their worldwide price. I would assume the EU and Brits are still negotiating a free trade agreement but who knows how long it will take ...
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    Post Brexit import experiences

    Thank you -- I will check it out.
  3. garzo

    Post Brexit import experiences

    That's what the customer service person at Aero suggested! The jacket I was looking at was on the sales page -- nice deal and a lot less that what the German stockists charge, which is usually over a €1000. We'll see how it goes.
  4. garzo

    Post Brexit import experiences

    I'm in Germany and was considering an Aero Leather purchase. Does anyone know what I might have to pay in import duties on a €600-€700 price? Kicking myself for not getting the jacket last year ...
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    Beware searching "Langlitz leather" on YouTube

    Shouldn't we welcome, er, all enthusiasts to this, er, website?
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    Beware searching "Langlitz leather" on YouTube

    Be warned of what, exactly?
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    Mister Freedom Anniversary Molhalland Jackets

    Sunstuff also makes a well-made and affordable model: http://www.sunstuffclassics.com/pid.html
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    Valley Apparel LLC CWU 45P Nomex and Nylon and MA-1

    Schott also makes nylon flight jackets: https://www.schottnyc.com/store/men/jackets/nylon
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    Time to Buy Some Jackets (or Gold)

    I'm wondering if Aero jackets to Germany and the rest of the EU will still be duty free. EU officials have said the UK would not remain in the free trade zone if it leaves the EU. It's still a two-year wait and Parliament can still reject the referendum results, although that's probably...
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    Star Trek G-1

    It's nice to see that the classic Navy G-1 is still around and being used by space crews in the 23rd century. It looks like they're introducing the classic jacket into the world of Star Trek.
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    US Authentic Indy

    You can also try this site: http://fortuneandglory.org They offer lots of jacket information. Many find it more friendly and tolerant than COW.
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    Schott CHP horse

    I really like the new Schott Sunset jacket. It's caught my eye and I also really liked the first version of the Sunset that Schott made back in 2011, albeit in a really shiny leather, but still very cool: Here some more pics of the original...
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    Lewis Leathers Super Monza no 445L (ladies) review

    Carlos, she's a lucky gal to have a guy like you! :eusa_clap What a fantastic birthday gift!
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    Another sheene

    Great looking jacket, but what I'd really like to know is how you managed to get this custom order delivered to your hotel in London in time for your cruise -- sounds like a logistical miracle!
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    Jurassic World Chris Pratt Outwear

    That reminds me of the first season of "True Detective" -- lots of abandoned buildings covered in religious imagery ... gives me the heebie-jeebies! :eeek: Nice watch though! Omegas are keepers! Neil Armstrong wore one on the moon!