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    The Cheese thread

    How do you feel about Parmesan?
  2. HudsonHawk

    So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    Lots of examples in the culinary world. Chocolate and tomatoes came from the Americas, yet are often associated with European cuisines. And nothing's more American than apple pie, yet apples are native to central Asia. It's a small world after all.
  3. HudsonHawk

    USA, Mount Rushmore Presidents

    There are the “Seven Wonders” and many suggestions as to what modern structure is the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Which we all know is the Astrodome. There is even a beer to prove it.
  4. HudsonHawk

    Bourbon Discussion Thread

    I'm more of a rum guy than a bourbon guy, especially when sitting around smoking my cigar. But I sometimes feel I'm *supposed* to drink bourbon. And, I do enjoy a good old fashion. I recently discovered Black Ridge. I don't know where it sits on the fancy schmancy scale, but it makes a good...
  5. HudsonHawk

    Vintage things that have REAPPEARED in your lifetime?

    There are aftermarket faceplates and knobs for most guitar and amplifiers nowadays marked to 11. It's just one of those things that has found a life of its own. It's a subtle inside joke that has become almost mainstream.
  6. HudsonHawk

    Vintage things that have REAPPEARED in your lifetime?

    I've never really thought of it in such an existential sense...brain/spacial awareness...I just liked to reach over and crank some tunes. But now that I think about...that's exactly what it is. I know exactly when I'm turning it up to 11. Which is nice.
  7. HudsonHawk

    Vintage things that have REAPPEARED in your lifetime?

    Those Wharfdale’s are probably pretty sought after. The Pioneers…probably not so much. The late 60s/early 70s is considered to be the “golden era” of consumer audio, and quality pieces from that time go for a lot of scratch these days. Even the lower end pieces that were selling for $100 ten...
  8. HudsonHawk

    Vintage things that have REAPPEARED in your lifetime?

    This is the rage with older “hi fi” components, as well…receivers and amplifiers and such. Digital to analog converters, or Bluetooth receivers added for those who can’t be bothered to get up and flip the record over. “Vintage” (talking mostly late 1960s-1970s) hi fi gear has gotten offensively...
  9. HudsonHawk

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    This has nothing to do with the Queen, but the fact that you keep a trilobite around warms my heart.
  10. HudsonHawk

    GFL - Guitar Friends Lounge

    Online you could consider reverb.com. They have lots of instruments for sale, though I'm not sure how much different/better it is than say eBay. You could also sell on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Other than that, you're probably stuck with a local shop, but perhaps you could find one...
  11. HudsonHawk

    GFL - Guitar Friends Lounge

    I guess as long as you never play the open strings, that’s exactly what it is.
  12. HudsonHawk

    GFL - Guitar Friends Lounge

    That‘s a Dmaj7 chord, and it is indeed a pretty chord. I’ve never heard the term “jazzman’s grip” though.
  13. HudsonHawk

    Tiki Culture

    So just recently returned from my first visit to Hawaii. A couple of observations: 1. The mai tais were pretty disappointing. Mostly made with orange/pineapple/guava or whatever sweet syrupy juice they could find. But I guess that’s what the majority of tourists expect. 2. Food was really...
  14. HudsonHawk

    Literature that transports you to the Golden Era

    My favorite novelist of all time is Thomas Wolfe. All of his works were written 1926-1938, and represent the time, though being mostly autobiographical also a specific place during that time. He can be overwhelming at times, not everyone’s tastes, but much of his writing is pure magic for...
  15. HudsonHawk

    What's the worst coffee worldwide?

    I don’t know if it’s the coffee grown there, but the coffee they serve in Sumatra is awful. I quite like Arabic coffee, when done right, but I’m in the camp that Costa Rican is the top of the heap.

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