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    Please Explain High End Selvedge Jeans to Me

    Convert to selvedge I used to be skeptical, too, of selvedge, because of the cost. The wider problem is that we are rarely exposed to the kind of high-quality clothing that we seem to like on this forum. There are plenty of high-end stores selling soft lambskin jackets that "drape beautifully"...
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    Rolled up jean jacket cuffs-yea or nay?

    Er...me too...definitely some simian genes in the arms...I'm always looking for jackets and coats with 27" sleeves...
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    Aero Long Half Belt FQHH

    Aero measurements? Hi-- Could you provide armpit-to-armpit and outside sleeve length? Many thanks.
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    New Aero Cafe racer

    perfect fit? Hey Felix03-- It looks like you got kidnapped by a gang of scottish tailors and emerged with the perfect fit--it looks great. It's also a great recommendation for the color. Wear it in good health!
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    Lindberg jacket, what type ?

    Print isn't reversed--the Sam Browne belt and medal ribbons are all on the correct sides, and Aswatland's photo of him in front of the nose of his 'plane is also buttoned the same way. Interesting!
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    One reason why I would never buy from LOST WORLDS..

    Yes but... ...Are you going to vote for him? What criteria do you use when looking for a leather jacket? His website as a sales tool lacks much, including courtesy, but that lack doesn't necessarily warrant a reply. His politics I find to be unlike (very) mine, but to what extent is that a...
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    back in 1955 !

    Officewear? Interesting that these jackets that we see as "casual" or "biker" are presented office dress and neckties. I wonder if that's just the aesthetic of the advertising of the day or just because men just wore ties even if they were riding motorbikes.
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    1942 catalog

    Bril! Thanks... And two things on page 144: 1. Ronald Reagan wearing a D-pocket & tie--looks awesome. 2. I love that PIPE POCKET! (But it's still not a reason to take up smoking again). Cheers
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    Aero booked up in hard times?

    Economic downturn The recession, while genuinely hurting many, does happen to give some a great excuse to defer the kitchen redo, put off the hi-def-tv upgrade, cancel cosmetic house maintenance, etc. The money saved on all of that versus an Aero jacket? Well, when you think of it that way...
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    Various leathers in the rain

    Hi all-- Goatskin, and so I've heard, horsehide tend to do well in the rain (fairly waterproof), without any real damage to the hides. Steerhide does OK, but perhaps a little more porous (and leaving only a slightly stronger leather smell). And of course there are variations depending on how...
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    Heavy jackets and shoulders

    Hi all-- I've never tried on an Aero or a Lost Worlds (though...I'd like to...). However, when it comes to heavy leather, I find my Elstermode DB coat, as heavy as it is, sits lightly and well-distributed on my shoulders, and my Taylor's Leatherwear presses down on the ends of my shoulders...
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    Zip or buttons on a custom Aero?

    Aero with button pics Hi-- I noticed this while drooling ove...uh...looking at the U.S. aero leather site: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/21089948 It's a half belt/Cossack with buttons. Looks VERY cool
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    winter wear?

    -1 with wind chill? ...Elstermode (Germany) police double-breasted reefer/peacoat with a 300-weight fleece jacket under it. Definitely cold proof. More important, my five-dollar neck gaiter that covers my throat/face/ears. It's been really cold and exposed flesh is quickly affected...
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    Lost Worlds and Aero

    Your English is far better than my Norwegian or Dutch. Welcome to the board from across the world! Also, given the current 4-degree windchills in New York, I've been wondering how good alpaca is in cold cold weather--many thanks.
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    How many leather jackets do you own!?

    10, which is probably 9 too many... (USA) Tunstall vintage "Hercules" style. (USA) Cresco vintage "Hercules" style up top but "70s pimp" length. (USA) Taylor's Leatherwear vintage, like the "Passaic" style -- excellent but even at 44L too small across the shoulders so I think it has to go. ...

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