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  1. Mr Oldschool

    Golden Era Things You've Revived Or Repaired For Use

    Thanks, I'll look for it.
  2. Mr Oldschool

    Golden Era Things You've Revived Or Repaired For Use

    What methods do you find work best for rust removal? I've tended to use steel wool, but it's laborious and leaves me wondering how deep it reaches into the texture if the cast iron.
  3. Mr Oldschool

    What do you use to shave?

    Pretty regularly. I actually started shaving my head with my straights, but when I was in a stage show, I didn't want to risk getting a nick, so I switched to using my 67 Gillette and found I could get a much smoother shave in about half the time. At the current moment, I'm letting my sparse...
  4. 20211025_083651


    Young's Silk Opera with fixed edge binding.
  5. 20211025_083657


  6. 20211025_083703


  7. 20211025_083643


    Separation at top
  8. Mr Oldschool

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    I remember when I got my first panama, I was self conscious because I almost never saw anyone wearing them. Right after I got it, we took a trip to Disneyland and all of a sudden I saw them everywhere! Now I pretty much wear my panamas constantly throughout the summer months without a care in...
  9. Mr Oldschool

    Post New Hats Here!

    Super cool! Start looking through hat photos from the teens! You're one step closer to being able to time travel!
  10. Mr Oldschool

    New Member to the Hat Forum

  11. Mr Oldschool

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    Hey everybody! I'm not actually new here, but I've been gone a long time and decided to change my handle upon returning to the forum. If anyone remembers me, I went by Shadomega before. I had created that name back in my 20's as an anime inspired handle, but I haven't really watched anime in...
  12. Mr Oldschool

    Post New Hats Here!

    I'm in a local stage show where I get to feature two of my vintage hats. First is my Stetson Sovereign, which has been my main lid for years, but at the end of the show, from seemingly nowhere, I produce this beauty of a Young's opera topper which I just picked up. Overall it's in very nice...
  13. Mr Oldschool

    What's the meaning behind your Avatar ?

    Very artistic for a selfie
  14. Mr Oldschool

    The Art of Manliness

    Well said! Unfortunately, I think this trend continues for the masses today.

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