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    Fit Check on Eastman Californian

    When buying a coat or jacket I always try to imitate how I would wear the item, by this I mean if I would drive a car, try it in a sitting position reading a magazine as that maybe as near as you can get to the real thing. Same with bike jackets, try to sit in a lean forward position if you ride...
  2. rocketeer

    Fit Check on Eastman Californian

    Great Zombie Strangle Hold on pic 161. Why do this? It shows nothing about sleeve length except the jacket sleeves look to short for when strangling zombies. Or as someone else pointed out, unless you plan on riding a Chopper, then they will look to long when you get off?
  3. rocketeer

    Cold war ice hockey.

    So how about the rivalry between Canada and the United States :)
  4. rocketeer

    Hoodies, history

    I don't think they look that good with the 'Classic' designed leather jacket but sometimes wear an event hoodie over the top of my Power Ranger style leathers when riding my Hayabusa. I find it can be an attention grabber to some asking what the event was like, in this case Faro bike Fest in...
  5. rocketeer

    Cold war ice hockey.

    I do remember the game, it was the most common answer to come up which is why I asked the Lounge my original question. I am not a hockey player but like to follow the winter games rather than the Summer. The subject of the rivalry between the USA and the Soviets, especially in Ice Hockey has...
  6. rocketeer

    Cold war ice hockey.

    Thanks Lizzie, That makes it easier than Olympic titles or who has won the mosts, adding post soviet Russia etc. This is one of my guess/choice questions.Not as easy as people think to compile a quiz so everyone has a reasonable chance of getting a decent score. My next topic will be history...
  7. rocketeer

    Cold war ice hockey.

    I have been asked to compile some 'classic'' if that is the correct word, sports questions for a Covid quiz nite in. This is what I want as one question. In all events, how many times has the USSR met the USA and who comes out the winner of most games? Can you give me me both answer and site...
  8. rocketeer

    Clean Jokes

    I don't like long story style jokes as I usually loose track of the early parts by the end so here's my 3 liner. Two Cannibals eating a clown, one says to the other " Does this taste funny to you? " :) or :(
  9. rocketeer

    Brando's Wild One Hat

    Hi, the original looks more like a CHP or Harley Riders sectioned cap, this one looks more like a circular version though it looks looks like it would crush down nicely. I don't like that badge on the side though otherwise, Nice :)
  10. rocketeer

    Which of your jackets gets the most attention?

    I never usually make comments like this but being British this makes me loose all sense. Historically I do not believe there is such a thing as a Café racer, not by the London boys that met at the Ace or Busy Bee. It has and always will be pronounced Kafff racer with a heavy emphasis on the 'K'...
  11. rocketeer

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I was reading a write up on 'Look Who's Back' and the Italian version was mentioned in that, can't remember where though sorry. The German version came first. I'm not sure about this but I think there is still a bit of a cult of Mussolini in Italy, Sicily t least. I went on a horse and coach...
  12. rocketeer

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I guess I shall have to read the book, I often do a followup like that for controversial subjects featured in film. You are probably aware that the Italians made an almost identical version though featuring Mussolini.
  13. rocketeer

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Look Who's Back OK so this one is a year or so old. Anyone see it? One of those satirical looks at life but this time it is Adolf Hitler who comes back by waking up at his old wartime bunker but he still thinks it is 1945. After he is befriended by a newspaper seller he realises it is 2014...
  14. rocketeer

    Fake/replica A2 painted patches

    Nice to see old threads resurrected as you don't see much on original old jackets these days :)
  15. rocketeer

    The Spanish Civil War

    Ok to resurrect an old topic? Well those now wishing to visit the Valle de los Caidos(Vally of the Fallen) near Madrid, the Grave of Dictator Francisco Franco has now been moved to his family's estate. Wikipedia quotes this as being Franco's wishes originally. I don't know if the Facists will...

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