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  1. The Reno Kid

    Old gas stations

    My first post here in a looooong time. My first real paying job was as a pump jockey in a Chevron station in the mid-to-late '70s, when I was in high school. I had a uniform and everything. If things were slow, I also did oil changes and lube jobs, as well as tire mounting and balancing. We had...
  2. The Reno Kid

    DC-3 / C-47

    A few years ago, I was touring Boeing's gigantic parts warehouse on a business trip when one of my hosts remarked that they stocked a complete line of spares for every aircraft type they ever made which had at least one example still in commercial service. I asked about the DC-3 (McDonnell...
  3. The Reno Kid

    The Shortwave Radio Thread.

    I just had this delivered to my house today (for my shortwave listening pleasure): RCA AR88D
  4. The Reno Kid

    Back to School Fashion 1939

    What the fashionable moppet is wearing in 1939 according to Life Magazine: http://www.messynessychic.com/2016/09/01/back-to-school-fashion-circa-1939/
  5. The Reno Kid

    Males, do you part/manage your hair everyday?

    When I was younger, I had a lot of trouble with my hair. It's reasonably thick but very fine, with very little body. No matter what I did, it eventually ended up falling limp. About 20 years ago, I started using Vitalis. It only takes about three drops. I rub it in after I get out of the shower...
  6. The Reno Kid

    Hiking food.

    Since my original post, I have realized that Erbswurst is a standard item in most German grocery stores...
  7. The Reno Kid

    Eat the Santa Fe Super Chief French Toast

    By pure coincidence, I just came across the above-mentioned book. It doesn't have a publication date, but I would guess mid '40s. It's title is Union Pacific Dining Car Cook Book and Service Instructions. It contains not only recipes , but also settings for various meals and situations (counter...
  8. The Reno Kid

    Medium-wave ends, in Germany.

    It's kind of eerie. I drive an older car (sort of--it's a '99) and it has an AM/FM radio. The AM band is basically static, although I can pull in the odd French station from time to time. At the right time of day, I can even pick up the BBC. It's been quite a while since I've heard any German...
  9. The Reno Kid

    Eat the Santa Fe Super Chief French Toast

    Great stuff! I have a Union Pacific dining car cook book that I picked up about 15 years ago. It's kind of cool to be able to replicate fare from the City of Los Angeles or some of the other name trains of the era.
  10. The Reno Kid

    How many years have you been lurking around the lounge??

    Joined in May '06. I lurked for a year or two before that.
  11. The Reno Kid

    Vintage Appliances

    I'm bumping this because I just spotted an auction that may be of interest to our Northern California members. Anchor Auctions (of Reno) will be auctioning the contents of a vintage appliance store in Sonoma on Dec 11, 2015. From what I can see, most of the items are kitchen ranges, but Anchor...
  12. The Reno Kid

    1940s/1950s cars vs. 1960s cars

    I have a copy of an interesting book on the rise of the consumer culture and designed obsolescence called Populuxe by Thomas Hine (Knopf, 1987). There's one particular ad Hine uses that I think really encapsulates the spirit of the time. Happily, a quick search revealed that the image is now...
  13. The Reno Kid

    What was your first car...???

    Mine was a 1979 MGB. Not this exact car but it looked just like it. I loved this car.
  14. The Reno Kid

    Vintage roadside

    I especially like old radio buildings: KGEI KFXD KWEI KPRK KPH (Marine Radio Station) WFTL WJR
  15. The Reno Kid

    On yer bike!

    I just got this beauty today. 1935 Golden Sunbeam gentleman's roadster Christmas came early this year. The paint is a bit rough but it's otherwise sound and it's all there, with a couple of very minor exceptions. These are really beautiful bikes. The bell alone is a work of art.

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