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    Nice heavy CAL LEATHER cross-zip, 42-44

    I have the same jacket and the same sizing issue...
  2. zeus36

    Account suspended at Club Obi Wan - Indygear forum?

    Ok, it's all fixed. They had a server issue...... Cheers, Z.
  3. zeus36

    Account suspended at Club Obi Wan - Indygear forum?

    I received a webpage popup on several different browsers that my account had been suspended. I tried to email the webmaster, but the email is rejected. I don't really know anyone's contact outside of COW.... I had not posted in a year, revisited the forum a week ago and made a few posts...
  4. zeus36

    J R REYES Custom CLassic Cowboy Boots 10E, 10 1/2D

    JR built the boots for the movie Tombstone. I met him at a gun show in Ventura, CA a few years after Tombstone came out. He had a small table with his wife. We were discussing how he built lifts and extra thick soles for Kurt Russell. At the time he quoted me $300 for his bespoke boots. I wished...
  5. zeus36

    What was the last TV show you watched?

    I was thinking about that all day today.
  6. zeus36

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    "Black Sea" from 2014 with Jude Law as a former (fired) sub captain. Interesting submarine movie about a modern day search for Nazi gold on a sunken Kriegsmarine. Predictable but some good plot twists. Law and his "crew" of Brits and Russians fire up an old Soviet submarine and have to evade...
  7. zeus36

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    "It's all gas and gaiters"
  8. zeus36

    Wash a hat?

    I will NOT be selling him anymore hats. My gal thinks HE washed them but blamed it on a woman :) Not sure on the hat with the light colored ribbon, maybe a Cavanaugh with a trolley cord. The other hat is a Stetson Royal Deluxe Saint Regis.
  9. zeus36

    Wash a hat?

    Before: AFTER:
  10. zeus36

    Not your ordinary Vintage shoes for sale, look at these rascals!

    I'll take them if you can do PayPal. Didn't this forum used to have personal messaging?
  11. zeus36

    Not your ordinary Vintage shoes for sale, look at these rascals!

    Can you show the listed size on either the box on inside of the shoes?
  12. zeus36

    Wash a hat?

    I sold two vintage hats to a friend of mine, but his nutty girlfriend threw them both into the washing machine! He has since kicked her out, but asked me if there was anyway to have them fixed. The machine washing took out both liners, one of the hatbands, and wrinkled the one ribbon. I soaked...
  13. zeus36

    Indiana Jones Raiders Hat Brim Shape

    I forgot to mention that Harrison's head is a long oval and contributes to the hat shape in the films. Put your hands in the hat, one in front and one at the back and stretch it like a hat stretcher does. You'll see the result.
  14. zeus36

    Black leather German military jacket - they just don't make them like this anymore... sigh... ;-)

    Why did the French military under Napoleon have buttons all over their uniform sleeves? Napoleon ordered buttons to be sewn on to stop the soldiers from using their sleeves to wipe their noses.
  15. zeus36

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    "Do you want to go watch a flicker?"

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