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  1. Spats McGee

    Help with {or identify} a hat please.....!

    This ebay auction is now closed, so I don't think this violates the No Live Auction Rule. Bartenders, if I'm wrong, please accept my apologies. I saw this hat on eBay and watched it until it closed. I know it's a Stetson fedora. Does it have a more precise model name than that? It's not...
  2. Erin Bailey

    Where should I shop online ?

    Hello! I’m newer to the vintage style overall. Is there any sites anybody recommends that is not extremely costly for swing skirts/dresses, tops, ect??? ♥️
  3. I

    help with jacket identifications. 50s

    Hi there, new to the forum. Was wondering if you guys could help me out with some info on these jackets i just found. I have looked all over the net amd can’t find another cafe racer like this one. Four front pockets. fat talon zip. 50s right? back looks like a buco. also these two trench...

    Vintage Buco J-24 Pricing

    I'm looking at jackets, found something in a good size and it appears to have just sold for $800 (I found out thanks to watchcount.com). Is this a hell of a deal, or am I missing something...
  5. scotrace

    Carol -- a New Film Set in the early 50s

    I've just finished the novel on which the film is based, The Price of Salt, by Patricia Highsmith. The author used a pseudonym when the book was published in 1952, as the book's storyline was controversial. Highsmith had already been labeled, to her dismay, a "mystery" writer (she is also author...

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