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Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Erin Bailey, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Erin Bailey

    Erin Bailey New in Town

    Hello! I’m newer to the vintage style overall.
    Is there any sites anybody recommends that is not extremely costly for swing skirts/dresses, tops, ect??? ♥️
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  2. LuvMyMan

    LuvMyMan Vendor

    Erin, I am sure some of the ladies here can give you some direction, myself I just spend time on eBay and Etsy, keeping my eye open for what I would desire and then to find something decent, not over priced and that would actually fit. You will find a lot of vintage items floating around for us, normally will be either way too large or very small. I wear a size 4 dress and even at that smaller size, it is not easy to find really nice vintage items.
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  3. LolitaHaze

    LolitaHaze Call Me a Cab

    Las Vegas, NV
    Hello Erin! Welcome to the wonderful world of VINTAGE!! Etsy and Ebay are probably your best bets. My advice is to get your measurements; bust, waist, hip, as well as your shoulder to waist measurement. I know for me, I am extremely long waisted, so dresses that should theoretically fit me in the waist are actually too short and actually ride around my ribs, right under my boobs. So not exactly a great fit! It is because of this I find myself sewing my own clothes so I can build them to scale - so to say. Good luck on your journey!

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