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Continuing to sort through things! Please PM me if interested. Paypal only, Ships to the USA: USPS $3 for Media Mail, $8 for parcel post, or $10 for priority, and I can combine shipping and will let you know how much it costs if you like more than one :) International is around $20, unfortunately. Descriptions taken from online.


Barons of Business: Their Lives and Lifestyles by William Scheller
(2002) - Hardback - 240 pages

Starting in colonial times, Barons of Business looks at some of the most ambitious merchants, industrialists, and financiers in American history as they master a new economic world of textiles, railroads, oil, and steel. With the 20th century come fresh opportunities in automobiles, movies, broadcasting, and retailing. By the end of that century, high tech has become the field of choice. Barons of Business profiles the major business personalities in all these eras, from the merchant princes of early New England to the robber barons of the Gilded Age to the software moguls of today. With such comprehensive details as photos and architectural drawings of their impressive homes, the book includes John Hancock, Bostons limousine liberal; George Eastman, the photo mogul happier at home baking pies; and more recent pioneers such as Jim Clark and Larry Ellison. This is a richly illustrated that looks at three centuries of innovators for whom the business of America was business


I Do: 100 Years of Wedding Fashion
By Caroline Cox

Hardcover, Published 2002, 336 pages

Filled with entrancing text and lavish, full-color photographs, I Do: 100 Years of Wedding Fashion offers a captivating review of the glorious and glamorous in bridal gowns during the last century. Readers will see how the ostentatious wedding gowns of the Edwardian era transformed into the knee-length, Chanel-inspired flapper gowns of the 1920s. By the 1930s, Hollywood reigned. Film-star weddings, publicized both on the silver screen and in fan magazines, brought a touch of glamour to the Depression-era bride. The 1940s war bride had to cope with make-do concoctions of muslin and parachute silk, while the '50s brought back romance, influenced by Dior's New Look and the American "sweetheart" line. And despite the rejection of marital bliss by the hippie counterculture and new feminism of the '60s, marriage survives and the white wedding is here to stay. Today, 21st-century brides are looking for the sophistication of couture fashion and the sexiness of today's sleek designs and sublime fabrics. This mesmerizing guide features 350 full-color photos of such famous brides as Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and hundreds more. From the traditional to the avant garde, the wacky to the sublime, this is a magnificent source of fashion inspiration for brides-to-be, their mothers, and wedding professionals everywhere.
$30 obo (I paid $45, and barely even used it)


Legendary Brides By Letitia Baldrige
(2000) - Hardback - 176 pages
Let the "something borrowed" for your own special day be inspired by the most celebrated weddings everJacqueline Bouvier, Lady Diana Spencer, Grace Kelly, Wallis Simpson, Carolyn Bessette ... Each name evokes an individual style that still fascinates the world and continues to influence fashion. Now, the unforgettable weddings of these legendary women -- along with other famous brides of the past century -- are chronicled for the first time in a single, highly illustrated volume that is sure to provide inspiration and ideas for a new generation of brides.From Queen Victoria's lavish court wedding in 1840 to Carolyn Bessette's intimate and understated ceremony on Cumberland Island in 1996, each of the weddings featured in this charming and informative book set the stage for the bridal and entertaining styles of the day. And each of them contributed, in a unique way, to the wedding traditions that young brides still follow.But Legendary Brides is much more than just a lovely look back at the past. Author Letitia Baldrige -- with the same grace, humor, and command of etiquette that marked her tenure as social secretary for the Kennedy White House -- offers authoritative, practical, and often amusing, advice on every aspect of planning a wedding today. And with skill and insight, she "borrows" unique touches from a century of memorable weddings and reinterprets them eloquently for a new generation of brides.Lavishly illustrated contemporary features provide timeless ideas for gowns, flowers, cakes, music, invitations, table settings, and more. And a highly readable text with rarely seen photographs and illustrations recreates the atmosphere of each legendary wedding in fascinating detail, making this a delightful book to read and enjoy as well as an indispensable sourcebook for anyone planning a wedding.As Letitia Baldrige says in her Introduction, now that we have entered a new century, "young and old alike are hungry for beauty, tradition, and old-fashioned values." Legendary Brides offers today's brides something old, something new -- and something borrowed, too.


Vintage Style: Buying and Wearing Classic Vintage Clothes
by Tiffany Dubin & Ann E. Berman
(2000) - Hardback - 240 pages
For any woman who ever wondered how to wear vintage clothing with panache, at last there is Vintage Style, the book that takes the mystery out of buying, wearing, and caring for vintage clothes. This is not about Victorian whites, poodle skirts, or boogie-woogie-bugle-boy outfits with peplums, seamed stockings, and snoods. It's about vintage clothes as a mainstream choice, and this fully illustrated book shows just how easily the fashions of yesteryear can be incorporated into a modern wardrobe.Vintage Style tells you--and shows you--exactly how to get into vintage. It features more than one hundred specially commissioned photographs of thirty-six women (and one man) from all walks of life modeling classic vintage pieces as part of three different outfits--casual, workday, and evening. It is on these pages that one can truly see the extraordinary versatility of vintage clothing and also appreciate how to achieve that "edge" that only one-of-a-kind fashion can create. The "classics" section, shopping tips, and care suggestions that are included are full of helpful information for creating and maintaining a uniquely personal look.All in all, Vintage Style is nothing short of a money-saving source guide and an inspirational blueprint for understanding how to wear vintage clothes with style


Wearing Vintage
By Catherine Bardey
2002, Hardcover, 280 pages

What are the most fashion-forward men and women wearing these days? Classic clothing from every decade. From flapper dresses to flare-legs, the hottest, hippest clothing and accessories come from flea markets, vintage shops and Grandma's attic.

WEARING VINTAGE is the ultimate guide to finding, fixing and looking fabulous in vintage. Filled with ideas, examples and information about both men's and women's clothing and accessories-and featuring color photos on every page-it unlocks the endless possibilities of "vintage chic," and shows how everyone, from fashion mavens to starving college students, can look great in clothing from the past.
$10 Has some surface scratches to dust jacket


Dressing Up Vintage
By Tracy Tolkien
2000, Hardcover, 160 pages
Covering 50 years of fashion history, Dressing Up Vintage examines times past and what women wore in response to them. Starting with the '40s and the somber mannish suits worn during WWII, Dressing Up Vintage takes us through the beaded cardigans of the '50s, the mod explosion of the '60s, the '70s disco and wrap-dress rage, the broad-shouldered power suits of the '80s, and ends up with an understandably short chapter on the '90s and the popularity of the grunge look and retromania.

Spying and collecting vintage wear takes the same skill and competitive edge as does collecting fine art or antiques. Author Tracy Tolkien, owner of a very successful vintage shop in London, has been honing her hunting skills for many years and shares them with us in this thoroughly researched, entertaining book. She explains why certain fashions came into being and why they are now collectible. Did you know corsets came back into style because of Dior's wasp-waisted dresses? Tolkien also gives hints on where to find the best vintage wear (there's a long list of shops in the back of the book, both American and British) and what to look for (labels, tears, staining). "One of the best, often overlooked, sources though is probably out there in your own backyard," she says, "tucked away in the darkest corners of your friends' and relatives' wardrobes." Each section is filled with examples of vintage fashions, including hats, gloves, shoes, and costume jewelry.

An interesting journey into our fashion past--great finds and faux pas all--Dressing Up Vintage could be helpful to the beginning collector and just plain fun for those who like to browse, shop, and heed the words of mini-making mogul Mary Quant: "Fashion allows you to be what you want. You can dress the part and--my God, it happens!" --Dana Van Nest
$10 Has a dirty/worn cover as pictured.


Brave on the Rocks
By Sabrina Ward Harrison
2001, 160 pages, paperback

"In the continuum of life and trying to discover my true self, Sabrina reminds me, through her brave, insightful, and heartfelt honesty, that we are all connected in this journey. We are connected through an intertwining sameness called the struggles and joys of finding and becoming our authentic selves. When I read her words, I felt acknowledged for my journey and for being a woman in these complex times... Thank you, Sabrina, for sharing your gift with us. May we all continue to share our journeys together so we know we are not alone."
--from the Foreword by Hilary Swank, actor

From the acclaimed twenty-five-year-old authorartist of the stunning visual memoir Spilling Open comes the all-new multimedia installment of her intimate journey Brave on the Rocks: If You Don't Go, You Don't See.

Picking up where Spilling Open left off, Sabrina Ward Harrison tells us about the surprising reaction to her first book. Via her readers' letters and e-mails, she realized that through her journal she had become an identifying voice for women around the world. However, along with recognition came a certain pressure to uphold her new image. Overwhelmed by her attempt to live up to what she thought she had to become, Sabrina decided to head out on her own. She chose as her destination Italy, a place she had always dreamed and written about, a place she felt she could go to "recolor" herself. In her journey she discovered a universal identity with other travelers and a particular kinship with the women she met. But back home she struggled to keep her newfound confidence intact as she navigated her life.

Harrison writes and illustrates with a powerful and creative voice. Her thoughts are real and brave. She explores with sensitivity questions of love, faith, growing pains, being true to oneself, and what it means to be unique. With unfaltering honesty, she allows us to witness and share in her reconnection with herself, her growing and reaching, and, ultimately, her voyage home again.


Stencil Graffiti
By Tristan Manco
2002, Paperback, 112 pages
This volume takes a worldwide look at stencil art—its history, its applications in commercial art, and its relationships to street signage, the urban environment and other forms of graffiti. The 400- plus interesting color illustrations display work ranging from the political to the poetic, and from the funky to the frankly curious. The accompanying text discusses the artists' backgrounds and techniques, as well as what inspired their ideas. Annotation c. Book News, Inc.,Portland, OR

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