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<<< COOL SALE >>> Vintage Fred Harvey Navajo sterling silver bracelet 6.5"


Practically Family
Selling my Fred Harvey era Navajo sterling silver bracelet. I took a chance on this one and it's too big for my wrist.

Besides vintage leather jackets, I also collect these little guys. Great way to learn about the history of the Diné Navajo - one of the influential tribes of the Great Plains, followed by the Apache and Commanche. Boys, you should have read some of the stories of the Commanche raids. We talking horseback, headdress, face paint, tomahawks, bows and arrows, and some gory, bloody shit. Hell of an engaging way to know more about the American Frontier - tough, harsh and violent. As much as some like to romanticize that era of American history, the reality was otherwise. If you're interested in the subject, I'd highly recommend this book - Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne.

Anyways, I digress.

These little bracelets are cool and unique jewelry to wear, especially if you prefer silver over gold. The total circumference including the opening is 6.5" so it will fit wrist size from 6.25" to 6.5". This guy weighs 24g which surprises me because the Fred Harvey era bracelets were thin and light. If you look at the pictures, you can see how thick the silver is.

Nice and hefty with a beautiful turquiose stone right in the middle. I can't date the origin of the stone though. That's way above my pay grade but I can tell you that it's solid with great wear. Simple yet attractive carvings, showcasing the artist's skills and expertise. This piece is a great conversation starter for sure. I haven't polished the bracelet or anything. I kept it as is so you can see all the patina it has developed over the years. And you want to keep it that way. The bracelet tells stories just like a vintage leather jacket does. :cool:

I'm asking $195USD shipped CAN/USA via PayPal FF. I've bought and sold stuff here before so no worries on that front. But if you need references, I can certainly provide.










Measurement & Weight:



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment here or PM me. Thanks for looking.



Practically Family
Wow, that’s good stuff. 40 pages are free on Amazon. Thanks for the reference.

It’s great, isn’t it?

I read it a long time ago but the book touches on many tribes of the Great Plains such as Blackfoot, Cheyenne and others that I mentioned above. But it focuses a lot on the Comanche, particularly Quanah Parker - the last warchief of the tribe. These people really lived with the land, following the bisons and all while the rest of the world had already developed art and culture. Real raw and rugged I tell ya.

Great storytelling and the author knows how to paint quite a picture of what happened back then. Glad you found it entertaining and interesting!


Here is a picture of Quanah Parker - the last and greatest Comanche warchief.

Imagine seeing this guy and his buddies at your front door. Well, I wouldn’t know what to do. Lock n load I guess…
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Familiar Face
My roommate is reading this book and has been highly recommending it. What these people were able to achieve on horseback sounds incredible.
These people really lived with the land, following the bisons and all while the rest of the world had already developed art and culture.
However I would not imply, as you have here, that the Comanche did not have art and culture


Practically Family
Well, they did have their art. But comparatively speaking to, say Europe, they were behind. Europe had already gone through the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods while these people were still nomadic. That is not to look down on the Comanche. I have a tremendous respect for them and First Nations in general. What eventually happened to them is unfortunate. Such mysterious and beautiful culture all around.

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