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    Clinch Engineer Boots Brown OD Horsebutt CN-Wide 10.5 US 11.5 Japan

    Selling a pair of Clinch brown hand overdyed soft toe horsebutt engineers made for Standard and Strange in the CN-Wide last. These are in great condition and are just starting to break in. You can just see some rolls starting up. Asking $1375 shipped.
  2. N

    Clinch Engineers CN-W Brown OD Horsebutt sz 10.5 US 11.5 Clinch

    Selling my pair of Clinch brown horsebutt engineers made for Standard and Strange in the CN-Wide last. These are in beautiful condition and are just starting to break in. You can see some rolls forming, but they are still in amazing condition. I have too many brown boots and am getting a pair in...
  3. N

    NWT Butterscotch LB x Golden Bear Anderson 2.0 sz 40 Cafe Racer in Cherry Wine Veg Tan

    New With Tags incredibly rare and limited Anderson 2.0 Cafe Racer designed by Butterscotch LB and Golden Bear. They made two short runs of this jacket that sold out both times, and I have never seen one for resale. Made in USA. This is one of the most beautiful jackets I have ever seen, and...
  4. N

    Mr. Freedom Lawrence Jacket Sunshine Edition Tagged size 40 (fits 42)

    Mr Freedom Lawrence Jacket Sunshine Edition. This jacket is beautiful and garners constant compliments, unfortunately i only have gotten to wear it a handful of times because it is too big for me. These jackets run a bit larger than youd think from their tagged size. Retails at $1495 if you can...
  5. N

    Prof Barnet Lucky Boot (Monkey Boot) sz 44.5E in Burgundy Shinki Hikaku Horsebutt

    - Maker/Model: Prof Barnet - Lucky Boot Article (Monkey boot) - Leather: Burgundy Shiki Hikaku horsebutt - Sizing: 44.5 E - Sole: Dr. Sole black cord half sole - Wears/Condition: 5 wears - Construction: Double row stitchdown stormwelt -Price $ 395 shipped These are basically brand new...
  6. N

    Onderhoud Engineer in Maryam Toscanello Horsebutt 44D

    Onderhoud Engineers in one of the most coveted leathers available. This Maryam TPR (coated) Toscanello Horsebutt will break in and soften beautifully and will develop those coveted rolls as the vamp breaks in and bends, as opposed to wrinkles and creases of cow leather. They have a beautiful...
  7. S

    John Lofgren Enginneer 10 SHINKI HORSEBUTT BURGUNDY

    Up for sale are my JL EB’s in a US10. Absolutely unbelievable boot which is unavailable in a 10 (might be wrong). £700 (PayPal F&F) with free postage anywhere in the UK. Willing to post international but contact me first for a price. These don’t come up often folks so don’t hesitate! No good...
  8. M

    (Battle) Poll-Real McCoys J24 vs Attractions Grizzly

    I rarely have time to try things on in store but this Friday I had an hour open so I strolled through arguably the black hole of my wallet in NYC, Standard & Strange. My mission: figure out if I could carry a grizzly style, and what size fits across a few models of types of jackets and brands...
  9. S

    John Lofgren Engineer Boots Natural CXL Size 10.5

    John Lofgren Engineer Boots Natural CXL Size 10.5 D Signs of use can be seen on uppers and soles, boots have been conditioned with VSC and have developed a nice patina. Over all are in great condition soles/heels only show light wear with plenty of life remaining. Size is 10.5 D, the sizing...
  10. F

    FS Attractions engineers lot 444 size 9.5

    Selling off my overdyed horsehide engineers boots by Attractions lot 444 in size 9.5. The boots were purchased about a year ago and worn only a hand full of times. Soles are still in excellent condition. Toe area starting to show some of the underneath brown (you can continue the patina or get...
  11. R

    Selling New Attraction Lot.444 Engineer Boots (9.5D)

    Hello all, I am selling a new pair of Attractions' Lot.444 Engineer Boots (Horsebutt). The boots are in perfect condition apart from some creases near the instep trying to force my foot through. I couldn't get my feet into the boots due to my high arches. Color: black Size 9.5D. Retail: $795...
  12. DarkKnight

    Attractions Shawl Collar Horsehide Coat

    Apologies in advance to anyone who owns a Barnstormer, but look at this delicious thing that you don't own: Living in Japan wouldn't be so bad I don't think.
  13. Jkohl

    Attractions Engineer Boots 7D for sale

    Sad sale of my beautiful Attractions engineer boots - they are just not getting worn enough! Worn 5/10 times. Lot.269 Engineer Boots (Steerhide). Size...7D. Buckle...Nickel. Message me if interested and i can send you photos / price. Thanks. Jess

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