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bill kelso

  1. ClaytonMoore

    Bill Kelso Indy Jackets ?

    I'm new to the forum, so here's my first thread, Does anybody have any experience with Bill Kelso's various Indy jackets ? They seem to be priced far lower than any of the other jackets Bill offers. Are they better or worse than Wested Indy jackets ...
  2. Mich486

    FS - Bill Kelso Black Teacore Liberty HH Cadet - Sz 38

    Hi guys, Putting up for sale this BK modified Cadet (with a Wingman collar) in black Liberty HH. It’s a nice mid weight veg tan HH with a brown base. I owned also a Vicenza jacket and imho this is slightly thicker although as you know it depends on the batch etc. Ordered direct from BK in...
  3. T

    Questions on Bill Kelso Cossack / Aeronaut A1

    I am interested in buying one of the Cossacks from Bill Kelso, but I saw quite a few Cossack from their site, the Cossack and Aeronaut A1, also the 1930's Summers Sportwear Cossack Jacket under their Archive lines. Does anyone know what their difference is? From the picture I just notice the...
  4. puiyc1203

    Review - My Bill Kelso Durable One Star Leather Jacket

    Hi I am Marco, my durable one star arrived today, I have tried already and write some opinions here, which would be very subjective. I think it is fair enough for a compliment for the jacket and an useful suggestion for people interested. I placed my order on late September. My Size finalized...

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