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car coat

  1. K

    Schott Perfecto ID

    Hey Schott experts, I scored this vintage Perfecto which I think dates from the early 70’s judging by the label. I can’t find the model number, there’s no label in the chest zipper pocket. Anyone know what it is?
  2. TartuWolf

    Opinions on tapered belt length button up jackets

    Greetings from Estonia! I've been planning my first "proper" jacket purchase. Got most of my desired measurements down pretty nicely. (17.75 shoulder, 20.25 ptp, 17.25 waist, 17.75 hip, 25.25 sleeve, 23.25 back) Decided on what kind of leather I want. (veg/combo aniline midweight waxy/oily...
  3. VillainOfNash

    1930’s Reliable Sportswear Ltd. Barnstormer Horsehide Leather Car Coat

    Vintage 1930’s Horsehide Leather “Barnstormer” Car Coat Made by the Reliable Sportswear Ltd. company out if Toronto, Canada. Nice thick horsehide. All buttons work great. Leather’s in good condition. Lining is in decent shape overall, the right side armpit could use a little bit of restitching...
  4. Smallrod

    Joe McCoy/Real McCoy's 1930's Car Coat Size 38

    Hi all, I will put this here before putting up on ebay in a few days. Black shinki leather, no issues at all. I dont get an opportunity to wear it that often so someone might as well get good use out of it. Looking for $1,300 shipped in the US, anywhere else we can work out a price. Any...
  5. MK

    Thick Wool Car Coat

    I've enjoyed a 1960s wool car coat for the past 15 years...but I've finally worn it out. I'm looking for a replacement. I've been looking at new offerings but they're too thin. I want a thick Wool car coat. Does anyone know who makes one?
  6. beckster

    So exactly is a Car Coat?

    when I sit in my car my longer coats kinda bunch up. Is a car coat short? I used to have a wonderful and very long Loden coat with a deep vent from Germany. When I sat in the car the sides splayed out and I could wrap them over the tops of my legs surprising comfortable. Suppose being...

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