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  1. TartuWolf

    Opinions on tapered belt length button up jackets

    Greetings from Estonia! I've been planning my first "proper" jacket purchase. Got most of my desired measurements down pretty nicely. (17.75 shoulder, 20.25 ptp, 17.25 waist, 17.75 hip, 25.25 sleeve, 23.25 back) Decided on what kind of leather I want. (veg/combo aniline midweight waxy/oily...
  2. Thizam

    Orgueil Car Coat - Black Leather, size: 46 Japan, 56 US

    New Orgueil car coat for sale. I visited Tokyo and stumbled upon this jacket at the Orgueil store near Omotessando. It is absolutely beautiful; the quality is absolute top notch. Unfortunately at the time the store only stocked small sizes so I ended up leaving my name and email with the hope...
  3. Bobby Schneider

    FS Schott 645 Size M & 184SM Size 40

    Hello amigos, For your consideration I have this 2 schott jackets: Schott 645 Size M asking $325 shipping includes CONUS Chest 21 Shoulder 17 3/4 Sleeve 25 (exterior) Back length 30 Schott 184SM Size 40 asking $125 shipping included CONUS Chest 23 1/2 Shoulder 19 1/2 Back length 24 Sleeve...

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