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custom fedora

  1. deadlyhandsome

    Wolfbrae Custom Hatters

    With the permission of @belfastboy I’m starting a dedicated Wolfbrae Custom Hatters thread. I know the regulars here already know most of this, but as we always have new folks showing up, members and lurkers, I thought I’d start at the beginning: The hero of our story @belfastboy has a love of...
  2. deadlyhandsome

    Art Fawcett VS navy beaver fedora 7 7/8 or 8 extra long oval

    SOLD This hat is HUGE. I’ve worn it a couple of times, but there is a lot of extra length. My millinery hat measuring tool bottomed out before it filled the head opening. I’m just guessing that it’s a size 8(ish) and it’s definitely a very long oval. Beautiful condition beaver fur felt in...

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