Art Fawcett VS navy beaver fedora 7 7/8 or 8 extra long oval

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  1. SOLD

    This hat is HUGE. I’ve worn it a couple of times, but there is a lot of extra length. My millinery hat measuring tool bottomed out before it filled the head opening. I’m just guessing that it’s a size 8(ish) and it’s definitely a very long oval.

    Beautiful condition beaver fur felt in navy blue. Comes with Art’s signature contrasting bow keeper. The ribbon has just a bit of slack.

    **there is a bid on the hat so it will have to go through eBay (link at the end)**

    If the hat doesn’t fit you I’ll refund less shipping and return shipping.

    9FACC846-C658-4341-9E9F-8D38CA26825C.jpeg 627BB559-C992-43C0-B6B0-1CB64D8D405E.jpeg 98DFF61B-AB3D-47DC-80EB-7FCF04864C41.jpeg 4DA0BDFC-EF06-4FC5-AFBD-2BC1531200B8.jpeg C43879A0-B46A-4ED0-900A-5C154BC5B1CE.jpeg 98D20849-9DD9-4134-BA26-257BBCA9BE95.jpeg 5B8CC041-76F1-483F-84D3-92B07E56D0BC.jpeg 81FF259B-76E0-4F6E-8780-E37456DE9FFC.jpeg E089C626-DB48-47CC-B69D-0F7BAB252703.jpeg 6E933548-B9EB-4973-8F4B-4AD480CE49A4.jpeg


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  2. SOLD.
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