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  1. Jejupe

    For sale Eastman .50 cal B3 sz 48

    Bought new 2019, worn twice, so practically NWOT. New from Eastman would cost £ 1299,99 (about € 1550) in UK. https://www.eastmanleather.com/50cal-collection/185-type-b-3-50cal.html Asking € 990 shipped world wide! P2P 27” Sleeve 27” Hem 25” (adjustable, this is widest adjustment) Back 29”...
  2. GrandMack

    Fit of D-1 Jacket Aero vs Eastman

    Hi, Currently looking at buying either the Aero or Eastman D-1, especially tempted by the 'redskin' Aero version. Wondered how the brands compare in terms of fit? I like my Jackets to be on the short side and a bit boxy rather than long and slim, which companies version would suit my...
  3. S

    Eastman Ostmann Flying Jacket 44

    The Luftwaffe (German Air Force), ruled the skies over Europe for more than 4 years during the dark days of WWII. In that time many of their pilots made their mark by becoming some of the highest scoring aces in history; Adolf Galland, 'Pips' Priller, Heinz Knoke, Molders ... to mention just a...
  4. J

    I was not warned... and I love it!

    So after getting my Eastman A2 slender some weeks ago (which I love!), the addiction is real. Nobody warned me about what would happen after I bought my first A2, but I already have a second jacket (Schott) inbound (see pictures, I found a G1-style in good condition online for 450 bucks, I think...
  5. Christopher Randall

    Eastman Tanker Boots 11d

    Eastman tanker boots Havana burnished new with box in 11d. $850 shipped in conus.
  6. Christopher Randall

    Eastman Windward Black Leather Jacket Size 44

    Eastman Windward Black Leather Jacket Size 44. This jacket is in excellent shape. See pics for measurements. $850 shipped in conus.
  7. Lefty

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here. If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place. Here's one to break the ice.
  8. BotanPhotography

    Eastman A2 Help!

    Hey guys! I'm looking into buying an Eastman A2, I've narrowed it down to the Eastman edition, the Rough Wear 27752, or the Monarch MFG 23378. I'm not very well versed in the A2 repro world, so I'm not quite sure what the differences between these models are, please enlighten me!
  9. I

    WTB: Looking for Barnstormer, Shawl Collar Mackinaw or similar 38-40

    Hey! Been on the market for a new coat I thought I might as well try to find something high quality this time. Posting in here incase anyone has something like what I'm looking for lying around. my sizing aprox: chest around 100cm ~ 39in waist around 90cm ~ 35in shoulder 46cm ~ 18in arm 62cm...
  10. puiyc1203

    Wash my Eastman A-2 horsehide jacket

    I recently wash my eastman 27752 A-2 horsehide jacket As I bought it on September I think, it was too new, thick coating, quite hard like a plastic. and this one is only warhorse horsehide instead of Vintage warhorse horsehide (trademark owned by Eastman). It has less crinkly, broken, worn...
  11. Ole K. Vik

    WTB: A-1 leather jacket

    I am looking to buy an A-1 leather jacket, preferably from The Real Mccoy's, Buzz Rickson's, Freewheelers or Eastman Leather Company ELC. I am usually a size 42 (M/L), 183cm tall, 83kgs, shoulder width 18.5", arm Length 26.5". Other high quality producers also of interest. Looking forward to...
  12. puiyc1203

    My Eastman A-2 collections 27752 & 28557

    Hi guys, I am pleased to show my recently-received Eastman A-2s that make up my collections of a-2s. Hope that thats enough and save some money lol. I got two time worn 28557 A-2 size 44 489th bomb group umbriago back painting 332nd bomb squadron with lining stencil results-count, which is the...
  13. Jejupe

    Eastman WWI German Flying Coat 3/4 length Black Horsehide, size 48

    An ebay catch and release. Immaculate condition. Please note unusually short sleeve length which differs from Eastman's standard measurements. Non-smoking household with dogs (dogs don't get near the jackets though!). price: USD 450 shipped worldwide with finnish postal service. Payment with...
  14. puiyc1203

    Eastman 489th Bomb Grp A-2 UMBRIAGO 28557

    My newly received eastman A-2 jacket, time-worn, normally take years to achieve this beautiful back painting warhorse horsehide, much more distinct cracks compared to the plain version. In comparison, my 27752 without time-worn would seem to be too tidy, and too new. It was like leather jackets...
  15. VillainOfNash

    Eastman G-1 55J14

    For sale I have a G-1 USN reproduction jacket made by the Eastman Leather Clothing company (ELC) The jacket is in great shape, all zippers and buttons function as they should. The Vegetable Tanned Goatskin is in great shape, as are the 100% worsted wool knits, and the rayon lining is in...
  16. mattmiller1973

    My new ELC A-2 fit pics

    Hi TFL team! i just received a new RoughWear 27752 A-2 from Eastman in the mail in a size 46. This was just to try on, as I know I’ll need to add 2” of length, but wanted to check the body size first. i love the way it fits in the shoulders, and also the chest seems to be enough room for a...
  17. E

    Optimo, Buzz Rickson A-1 and other eBay items

    Hi, Everyone, Long-time lurker, first time FL member. I've been a member at VLJ since way before John Chapman started making jackets. I'm moving from the states to Dublin in May, so I'm clearing out a bunch of stuff. Here are a few items I've put up on eBay. Happy to consider offers to end...
  18. adfrost

    FS: Eastman B-3 .50Cal, Size 48

    I got this off of eBay a few months ago without knowing the measurements and it ended up being much too large for me, so I'm looking to move on from it. The jacket is basically brand new, only having been worn a few times by its original owner and once out & about by me. The finish is "Time...
  19. Darylh

    Gibson & Barnes Civil USN G-1 leather flight jacket new condition Dark Brown Goatskin 44

    Offering my Civil issue Gibson and Barnes G-1 for sale to lounge members. This is a recent issue and has only been tried on a few times at home so it's in pretty much as-new condition. The leather is very soft and supple and the workmanship is outstanding. I've read a couple of the threads on...
  20. Marc mndt

    SOLD: Eastman Californian walnut 40r

    Hi guys, I'm thinning out my collection. This beautiful E.L.M.C horse hide Californian jacket color walnut is ready to go to a new owner who should wear it more than I did (or just add it to the collection like a lot of us :p) Only worn a few times, therefore this jacket is like new. Only thing...