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field leathers

  1. C

    For Sale - Field Leather Chicago

    Selling my custom Field Leather Chicago. This one is made in teacore shinki horsehide. Lining is lightweight wool tartan. It’s a beautiful jacket, but I unfortunately made a mistake in the custom measurement process. I wear low rise jeans, and I did not account for that, so the jacket was made...
  2. M

    Do I need to worry about fakes when buying used leather jackets?

    If I'm looking to buy a used leather jacket for brands like Freewheelers, Real McCoy's, Himel Bros, Field Leathers, etc. do I need to be wary of people selling low quality knockoffs? Are fakes of these brands common? What are things I should be looking for if I want to avoid fakes?
  3. K

    Field leathers Chicago Size 42

    Hi everyone. First post, new to the lounge! I’m selling my field leathers Chicago in black badalassi leather size 42. I’m the First owner. I have only worn it a couple times, have had it for a few months. It doesn’t quite fit me right and I got a custom spot with Greg so hoping to pass this...
  4. AlexB

    Field Leathers Customized Manhattan / Classic J-24 Review

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted the last time, but I thought my latest leather jacket addition might be worth to be shared. Being a motorcyclists myself, I always had a soft-spot for the classic asymmetrical biker jacket. However, I never pulled the trigger on a D-pocket...
  5. Marc mndt

    Full custom Field Leathers Manhattan review

    Was the wait too long? Yes Did I get frustrated? Yes Would I order again knowing the lead time would be 15 months? Definitively The order Ever since I got my first FL I wanted a second one. It had to be brown and when Greg showed me some pics of the beautiful brown semi aniline Shinki...
  6. T

    FS: Field Leathers Half-Belt Jacket in Shinki Brown Horsehide 40/42

    For sale is a Field Leathers Jacket I’ve worn very sparingly over the past year. Made of Shinki Brown Horsehide with Talon zippers, green twill lining, it is a simple half belt with interior pockets. Selling because the fit on my shoulders is too stiff for me and I find myself reaching for other...
  7. Pandemic

    Field Leathers MC-MLC Jacket

    WARNING: This may end-up another of my long, rambling posts. Apologies in advance - you have been warned! Pour yourself a drink. I sure have! BACKGROUND: OK, so there is some history here. I got my first cross-zip in the winter of 1988-89 - A black Perfecto knock-off made in Hong Kong. Out of...
  8. Marc mndt

    Full custom Field Leathers Idaho review

    This is going to be a lengthy review but I hope you guys find it worthy to read. I think there is a lot to say about this jacket. Sometimes I just like to see the pictures so let’s start with those first.

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