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fine creek

  1. K

    FS: Fine Creek Leathers Leon Custom 2mm Horsehide Jacket size 44

    PATINA QUEEN!!! Fine Creek Leathers Leon Custom 2mm Horsehide Jacket size 44. Really awesome double rider that will look stunning when broken in. They are still in great condition with minimum wears. Asking $1850+shipping SIZES 44 Chest 22 Shoulder 19.5 Vertical Length 27.5 Sleeve Length 25.5
  2. M

    Tenjinworks leather jackets - which one to go for and sizing advice

    Inspired by this post from almostvintagestyle, I am wanting to pull the trigger on a tenjin works leather jacket: https://almostvintagestyle.com/2018/09/28/the-top-ten-leather-jacket-brands-list/comment-page-1/#comment-2182 I have a couple selection questions, and would love your thoughts and...
  3. A

    Fine Creek Leathers Eric (sz 46, fits like 44)

    Ok folks, sale to a friend fell through so we're back! Bought from Rivet & Hide for $2300USD, looking for $1500. Sizing (inches): Chest: 45 Shoulders: 19.5 Length: 27.5 Sleeves: 26 Text as per R&H: Fine Creek Leathers source their own custom horsehide from Himeji, Japan, and sew these high...
  4. A

    Fine Creek Leathers Eric Jacket (sz 46, fits like 44)

    Ok folks, much as it pains me, this is just sitting in my closet. I've come to realise I only need 1 leather jacket, and my Buco J-100 (selling size 44 in other thread as I've copped a bigger size) is my go-to. Sumptuous leather, fantastic minimal styling, all the FCL touches and quality you'd...
  5. Christopher Randall

    Fine Creek Leather Jackets size 42 & 44

    I have a few more Fine Creek Leather Jackets for sale. Cleaning out the closet. Alonzo size 44 $1250 Virginia Beach 42 $1250 Leon Custom 1.3mm $1350
  6. A

    Fine Creek Leather Leon Custom 2mm (sz.46, fits like 44)

    If you've clicked you probably know what you're looking at, but just in case: this is the custom 2mm hide version of the Leon from Fine Creek Leathers. It's a "cleaner" version than the standard with a heavier leather; no epaulettes (or cutoffs for that matter). A very fast fader, worn for...
  7. Ole K. Vik

    My collection so far... What's next?

    Just thought I would share my leather jacket collection so far... The weather was so nice today so I had a little photo session in my garden. 1. Himel Brothers Wolverine 2. Rainbow Country Sports Jacket 3. The Flat Head Delraiser 4. Fine Creek Leathers Eric 5. Eastman Leather Clothing A-1...
  8. H

    Fine Creek Leather HH 'James' Size 40

    Hi All, For sale is my FCL HH james jacket. It is a size 40 and these run very small (closer to 36-38). I'm selling because unfortunately the jacket is just a bit too tight for me (dang quarantine). The jacket is in fairly good shape. If you know how FCL teacore wears you can see some places...
  9. HarryLime

    Fine Creek Leathers "Eric" jacket Size 44, only tried on

    Hi all, this is my first sales post. If you're uncomfortable purchasing from someone with no posting history, I am happy to meet in person in NYC, or have a phone call or FaceTime with any interested parties. I just received this incredible Fine Creek Leathers "Eric" jacket in size 44. I took...