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  1. N

    Fit Check: Buzz Rickson N-1 Non-Stenciled Demotex-ed

    Hey everybody, My Buzz Rickson N-1 arrived from HPA. I feel like the overall fit is solid for a N-1 jacket, but it does feel like the arm holes are digging into my armpits a bit. It's nothing that will make me hate the the jacket, but I'm curious about your thoughts on a) the overall fit, b) if...
  2. N

    Does anyone have a Real McCoy AND a Buzz Rickson N-1?

    I have a Real McCoy's N-1 (2022 Khaki Plain) in size 38, but I'm leaning toward buying a Buzz Rickson N-1 in Navy. Comparing the two, it looks like a size 36 in the Buzz Rickson might be a similar fit to the McCoy's 38. Can anyone who has both brands offer a size comparison between the two? I'm...
  3. T

    Help with leather jacket size suggestion for a few brands.

    Hi guys. I need some help with sizing. I was a 38 in a belstaff long way up Montana jacket I tried on a while ago. I am looking at getting a rainbow country leather jacket most likely but I am open to double helix or fine creek also. Here's what I got on my measurements for my body. Shoulders...
  4. GrandMack

    Fit of D-1 Jacket Aero vs Eastman

    Hi, Currently looking at buying either the Aero or Eastman D-1, especially tempted by the 'redskin' Aero version. Wondered how the brands compare in terms of fit? I like my Jackets to be on the short side and a bit boxy rather than long and slim, which companies version would suit my...
  5. Edw8ri

    Akubra questions

    What is the difference between the Adventurer and the Federation? Thanks.
  6. Bahabp100

    Gail (RIP) from Schott: her thoughts on fit and custom jackets

    Was just reading this on the Schott forum and it seemed interesting enough to post here as well as a tribute to her: Our employees, most have worked for Schott about 20 years before the first Schott Retail store was opened, personally this is my 38th year. It is easy when you have an actual...
  7. mattmiller1973

    My new ELC A-2 fit pics

    Hi TFL team! i just received a new RoughWear 27752 A-2 from Eastman in the mail in a size 46. This was just to try on, as I know I’ll need to add 2” of length, but wanted to check the body size first. i love the way it fits in the shoulders, and also the chest seems to be enough room for a...
  8. Bigbenbs

    New Aero Hooch Hauler, size 40, Vicenza HH russet

    Hi all, So I just snagged a size 40 pre-made Hooch Hauler (russet Vicenza horse hide) for a bit of a discount on Aero Leather's website. It was apparently one of the jackets the made as a test run for the model. It fits pretty perfectly, though I have a 42-inch chest. Measurements: pit to pit...
  9. D

    Gibson and Barnes Air Force A-2 Sizing?

    Another fit thread! I just received my G&B Air Force A-2 dark brown goatskin in size 40R. Not the Civil version so this does not have any size entry or inside pockets. I initially ordered my usual size of 42R but returned it as it was too big. Sizing down one size is definitely the way to go...
  10. Anthony_Eden

    Suit waistcoat fit: to eat or not to eat...

    Dear fellow members, Today I have a pretty trivial or essential question on fit: what is the proper fit of a well tailored waistcoat (part of a 3-pieces suit) in the 20-30's with beautiful waist supression? I am no newbie in this but I recently am hesitating between 2 measurements. (My suits...
  11. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.

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