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  1. Isaac Arruel

    FiveStar Cafe Racer Black Goatskin Road Master Jacket size M

    The size is an approximation - the tag says M but it's really more of a Medium small w custom measurements. FiveStar Leather Men's Vintage Cafe Racer Black Goatskin Road Master J – Fivestar Leather E X A CT measurements: Chest: 45.5 inches Waist: 44.5 inches Shoulder: 20.5 inches Sleeve...
  2. T

    Five Star Trucker Jacket - replacement buttons

    Hi all, I've recently bought a suede trucker from Five Star (an LVC repro (?) with the seal brown collar - https://www.fivestarleather.us/products/copy-of-men-trucker-tan-suede-classic-retro-western-denim-style-real-hide-leather-jacket?_pos=1&_sid=189113c1c&_ss=r). I'd like to replace the...
  3. TooManyHatsOnlyOneHead

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    hey everyone. I've seen this brand pop up in a few random threads. Great looking photos, very stylish fits. What am I missing? Are they good for the money or just flat out good? I might order something to test out, but that D1 Mechanics jacket keeps catching my eye at sub $400. That's...

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