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  1. MemphisBlues

    Freewheelers Brakeman Tatanka Brown Sz 46

    Here is an excellent car coat for your consideration by Freewheelers in a rare, hard to find, size. I picked this up from a fellow lounger a while back here and got some wear out of it, but eventually reached the point where I’m ready to move on since, like a lot of us on here, I found...
  2. MemphisBlues

    Freewheelers Deerskin Centinela Sz 44

    You might be wondering, “why would you want to sell that?” Well, this was something of a grail piece for me. I wanted to handle it and couldn’t resist the urge to buy it the moment I saw Mirror Ball, The Rising and Company had it for sale in Japan back in 2018. The deerskin feels amazing...
  3. S

    Fine Creek Gardner Naked Size 42 - Quick Sale!

    I keep holding onto this jacket because I love it so much, but I’ve finally accepted that it’s now too big for me. I’ve also reduced the price substantially - $1,200 will take it away! Shipping included in the USA. Also happy to hear offers. Original post: VERY reluctantly selling this...
  4. Geekrobot

    FS: Freewheelers LaBrea Yellow Ochre Deerskin leather jacket

    For sale is my lovely FREEWHEELERS La Brea Leather Jacket - Sz 38 - Special Edition Deerskin in Yellow Ochre Only 250 of these made, they run ~$3000 New. Asking $1800 shipped in the lower 48 United States via Paypal Friend&Family; international buyers welcome but will pay shipping costs. I...
  5. K


    FREEWHEELERS Peter's TAILOR MADE “SAN MATEO” RUDE BLACK SHINKI HORSEHIDE size 38 Really great double rider jacket from Freewheelers. Just bought them brand new from a shop here in Thailand in at the end of February. I don't think I have to say much about the finishing and leather quality...
  6. K


    FREEWHEELERS Peter's TAILOR MADE “SAN MATEO” RUDE BLACK SHINKI HORSEHIDE size 38 Really great double rider jacket from Freewheelers. To be honest I really like this one but I need to pay for something big so here I'm trying to sell them. Just bought them brand new from a shop here in Thailand in...
  7. Dansvintage

    FS: Freewheelers Mulholland 2021 Vintage Black 44 like new

    Selling a late 2021 Mulholland, bought at Corlection in Oct 2021. Was worn til now 8 times or less. The jacket is in excellent condition and shows only few arm creases which show up already when trying on. I’m only selling because I could fit in a 42 now. Size 44 measurements taken flat...
  8. puiyc1203

    Freewheelers Centinela Deer Skin

    Freewheelers Centinela Deer Skin size 44 I just got this jacket from Japan, brand new, 2018 ver. Soft, beautiful and comfortable. here is the measurements chest 106cm, shoulder 49cm, sleeve and body length 66cm. Worth mentioning, the chest of centinela 42 horsehide is marked as 106cm in most...

    HWY Blues - Opening Early 2022

    Hey y’all, my name is Bobby Milwaukee. I wanted to post here to announce that I’m opening a new store early next year in New Orleans. We’re launching first online, with a potential studio/showroom and planning our storefront as we grow. Some of you might know me from my previous job, of which...
  10. D

    Fashion brands leather jackets: Is it worth the price tag?

    Hello everyone! I'm kinda new not only in this forum, but also in the leather jacket world so I could use some of your wisdom and knowledge on a topic that I'm really curious. The matter is this, what is all about the fashion brands leather jackets? The price tag it's so high that in many cases...
  11. puiyc1203

    Freewheelers Centinela Rude Black Size 42

    compared to same size san mateo, i found centinela more comfortable on shoulder and sleeve, but tighter waist and back. If I continue to wear it for a day, my body would lean forward, it is very reasonable for a bike riding leather jacket. And benefit from its 2018 version, the leather is soft...
  12. Sabir Asaria

    FS: The Flat Head Single Riders Jacket

    Greetings All! :) As posted in my introductory thread in the Outerwear forum (New here... but feels like home | The Fedora Lounge), I’m forced to put this gorgeous The Flat Head Single Riders Jacket for sale as it is unfortunately one size too small for me. Following are the dimensions: Label...
  13. Arie

    FS: Freewheelers Westinghouse trousers size 34, Conductor vest size 42

    Hi guys, need to get rid of some stuff I bought from Japan that don't fit me: 1. Freewheelers Westinghouse trousers, size 34. New with tags. Waist 33.86 in / 86 cm Inseam 32.28 in / 82 cm Leg Opening 8.66 in / 22 cm Asking price: 300$ 2. Freewheelers Union Special Overalls Conductor Vest...
  14. K

    FS: Freewheelers Mulholland Black Shinki Horsehide size 40

    I need some cash to pay for something special so it is time to sell this baby. Got it from our friend @dudewuttheheck a few month back. Havent put much wear on them so they are still in great condition. Im asking $2000 shipped worldwide. Permission to use original pic. Chest: 21.5 Arm: 24...
  15. T

    FS: Freewheelers Speed Master Size 42

    Hi guys, Here is my beloved Freewheelers Speed Master size 42 up for sale. This is produced in 2017 in "Blackjack" shinki tea-core leather. Origin of the jacket, interesting read for you: In the 1930s, it was said to be the dawn of leather jackets (motorcycle jackets), and various leather...
  16. puiyc1203

    FS: Freewheelers La Brea Rude Black size 42

    Freewheelers La Brea Rude Black Size 42 shinki horsehide, very shinny and beautiful, I have written a review for it, please feel free to read if interested https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/freewheelers-la-brea-rude-black.100939/ I purchased this for $2777, never wore outdoor, no smell...
  17. C

    FS: Freewheelers Rebels size 42 (Blackjack)

    Hi, there -- Almost as quickly as I bought it, I have since lost enough weight to warrant selling this. That, and, unfortunately, for some reason this does not fit me as well as my Mulholland 42 continues to fit me. Let me be unequivocal about selling this; I hate that I have to sell this. The...
  18. puiyc1203

    Freewheelers San Mateo

    As you seen in my last post, 44 centinela is too large for me. therefore I decided to try one size smaller, and fortunately there is a 42 san mateo 2019 ver in stock, the price is 290000 jpy the hide is the same as other 19 ver (centinela, la brea, mulholland), perfect, stiff, shining, strong...
  19. puiyc1203

    Freewheelers Centinela Rude Black

    I borrowed two Centinela from my friends both of them are size 44, one is 2018, the other is 2019 to clarify, the one I wear mask is 2019 ver, without mask is 2018. the first one is 2019, with back painting of Marilyn Monroe
  20. H

    WTB: Real McCoy's J-24 (42) / Freewheelers La Brea (40)

    Just as the title says I'm looking for a RMC J-24 size 42 possibly a 40. Or a La Brea in black size 40. Feel free to DM or comment

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