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  1. K

    Aero A1 Russet Goat Fit and Review

    Well Aero had their firesale recently and when they are throwing rack jackets out the door with intl shipping at $500USD, I just had to throw my money at them. Customs didn't even hit me so it does feel like a great deal. We really are some shameless addicts in this culture. Anyways, my...
  2. L

    Cleaning a goat-skin leather jacket?

    So my jacket is absolutely filthy, caked in mud. I'm wondering what the best way to clean it would be? Thanks for the help lads.
  3. AMan

    FS: Himel Bros Heron (Bison) A-1/Cossack-style Leather Jacket; Size 42-44; Dark Brown Goatskin

    For sale is a Himel Brothers Bison Leather Jacket in dark brown goatskin. This jacket is a Himel Heron with a slightly smaller collar and smaller pockets, which is true to the way these jackets actually were in the 1920s and 1930s. (See the Levi's Einstein jacket for another example.) Tag size...
  4. H

    Levis LVC / Aero black/blue vintage jacket

    Levi's Vintage Clothing & Aero Leather of Scotland collaboration distressed black/blue vintage jacket. For sale! Used but in very good condition, non smoker. The jacket is made out of no longer available black/blue goat hide, and when the black gets worn the blue starts to show, which makes...

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