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  1. L

    Cleaning a goat-skin leather jacket?

    So my jacket is absolutely filthy, caked in mud. I'm wondering what the best way to clean it would be? Thanks for the help lads.
  2. S

    Aero leather AN-J-3 size 38–40

    Make: Aero leather (Scotland) Model: AN-J-3 Size: fits approx 38-40US; see measurements in pics (don’t go by the sizing tag). Reference, I’m 5’8”, approx160lbs, 39” chest, 32” waist. Material: vegetable tanned goatskin Color: dark brown Age: approx 1 yr old Condition: like new...
  3. Curtis Pickell

    Wested Skyfall Jacket, Size 36 - Goatskin

    Friends, I recently purchased a custom Skyfall jacket from Wested, which unfortunately fell short of my expectations. Don't get me wrong - the jacket is beautiful, especially the goatskin leather - it just doesn't fit the way I had anticipated. Perhaps my loss can be someone else's gain...
  4. Jejupe

    New Langlitz custom "Mike" - jacket

    Long story short, I visited Langlitz in Portland in March and ended up ordering made to measure heavily customized jacket based on old racing jacket they had on display at their workshop. The original had name "Mike" on the chest, so I call mine the Mike Jacket. I finally received the jacket...
  5. VillainOfNash

    Eastman G-1 55J14

    For sale I have a G-1 USN reproduction jacket made by the Eastman Leather Clothing company (ELC) The jacket is in great shape, all zippers and buttons function as they should. The Vegetable Tanned Goatskin is in great shape, as are the 100% worsted wool knits, and the rayon lining is in...
  6. O

    Eastman 55j14 G-1 USN Flight Jacket size 40

    Eastman G-1 55j14 flight jacket. Size 40, goatskin, some wear visible (see pics) but still in very good condition. measurements p2p 56 cm sleeve 60 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm Asking 375 Euro plus shipping.
  7. MemphisBlues

    Himel Bros Heron Grizzly Prototype Size 42

    I've wanted a Himel Bros jacket for a long time but I always hesitated with the pricing. I think about month or two ago, they were having a sale, so I was more inclined to pull the trigger. Anyway, I saw a grizzly I really liked. The sizing also looked like it would fit me, too, but...
  8. O

    Eastman A-2 flight jacket goat skin size 40

    Eastman A-2 flight jacket size 40 goat skin. In excellent condition, knits and Talon zipper in perfect condition. Leather is still crisp and almost in perfect condition, except for some fading at the collar (see pic) and under the armpits. measurements p2p 56 cm sleeve 60 cm shoulders 48 cm...
  9. AMan

    FS: Himel Bros Heron (Bison) A-1/Cossack-style Leather Jacket; Size 42-44; Dark Brown Goatskin

    For sale is a Himel Brothers Bison Leather Jacket in dark brown goatskin. This jacket is a Himel Heron with a slightly smaller collar and smaller pockets, which is true to the way these jackets actually were in the 1920s and 1930s. (See the Levi's Einstein jacket for another example.) Tag size...

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