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harley davidson

  1. alpine1

    For Sale: Harley Davidson Leather Sportster Cafe Racer Jacket

    Hey, this is my first post. Selling a Harley Davidson Leather Sportster Cafe Racer Jacket on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/225842987271 Feel free to put in an offer. I'm willing to accept less than is posted. Please message me if you have any questions about the jacket Jacket...
  2. Acchimp

    Real McCoy Harley repro re-dye with Saphir

    Hello, I’ve got a Real McCoy horsehide jacket I bought second hand and further beat to all hell. I’m thinking of applying some mustang paste to dry before using Saphir Medaille D’or to make it shine. I’m open to opinions on not doing it all or product replacement, just hoping for some guidance...
  3. broll22

    FS: Vintage Harley Davidson cross zip 46R - $200

    As much as I try, asymmetrical jackets just don’t look good on me, so I’m offering this one up for sale as well. Size 46R Made in USA I wish I had more info about the history of this jacket, cause it’s very cool. Kidney panel, YKK zippers (all functional), all snaps work, very good shape...
  4. D

    Real mccoy's X Harley Davidson

    I think I'm in love with this jacket, what do you think about the fit guys?
  5. Chase Black

    Is my Aero Jacket Real?? What is the model??

    Hi, I would like to sell my Aero Leather Jacket but I need to know what model it is. Also can anyone confirm if it is real? Thanks
  6. deadlyhandsome

    Sterkowski cotton and leather Harley cap 7 7/8

    I just received this hat directly from Sterkowski in Poland. It’s a great style. It is marked as a size 62cm, but it fits larger like a 7 7/8 or even a touch more. This is a BIG sized cap. Only tried on for fit and a few photos. New with tags: I paid $62 for it and waited for it to...
  7. Oakbark

    Harley Davidson AMF cowhide, cafe racer leather jacket, Vintage, from Brooks 60-70ss

    Up for sale this AMF Harley Davidson cafe racer jacket in zize 40 US PRICE 85 USD $ The material should be cowhide in its lighter version, is not very thick, so it's confy for whatever type of use: wearing it with a t-shirt or a jumper The color is a brown caramel with a beautiful vintage...
  8. 41eiffel

    WTB - Buco / HD chrome letters : A - D - L

    Hello all vintage leather lovers, I am looking for the missing "L" letter for the Buco Belt on my J22 - I think these little metal chromed letters were made by Buco and/or Harley Davidson (with this type of nail/brad fastening version) ? Thank you in advance Also looking for letters A / D...
  9. M

    vintage AMF Harley leather jacket

    Hi experts, can anyone identify the approx year and name of this jacket? I just got it with some other items from a friend who's husband recently passed. It's black and fits snug for a 42. 2 chest pockets, no hand warmers, and none inside. The zippers are Talon. Someone says it's a Sportster...
  10. Ricky Sinaga

    F.S. 70' AMF Harley Davidson Cafe Racer Leather Jacket | Size 38

    I'm looking to sell my AMF Harley Davidson Leather Jacket. This jacket's model almost similar to Buco J-100 or Brooks with nice mandarin collar. Have a look : Small Tear on The Lining, doesn't affect to its look SUMMARY : √√√ AMF Harley Davidson √√√ Conditions : Vintage...

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