Harley Davidson AMF cowhide, cafe racer leather jacket, Vintage, from Brooks 60-70ss

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    Up for sale this AMF Harley Davidson cafe racer jacket in zize 40 US

    PRICE 85 USD $

    The material should be cowhide in its lighter version, is not very thick, so it's confy for whatever type of use: wearing it with a t-shirt or a jumper

    The color is a brown caramel with a beautiful vintage patina thanks to its age.

    All the zips and zippers perfectly work: original main zipper and sleeve zippers, and original O type zipper on the chest pockets.

    Also the lining is still the original one: it might need some repair under the neck and on the sleeves close to the wrists, but they do not affect the overall quality of the jacket: I'd say they add charm to it as I personally like original details if they keep doing their job.

    This is a jacket always hunted by connaisseurs especially for its particular color and we all know it's easily sold online for 200 250 or 300 USD $ as you can also check on ebay during this period I'm posting this auction, so it's a real bargain at this price; I'm selling it cause I also have the size 38 US the suits me better as I lost weight lately.

    This is my ebay listing for this jacket

    Paypal as preferred payment method

    Worldwide shipping with tracking number service at a convenient rate

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