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  1. M

    Do I need to worry about fakes when buying used leather jackets?

    If I'm looking to buy a used leather jacket for brands like Freewheelers, Real McCoy's, Himel Bros, Field Leathers, etc. do I need to be wary of people selling low quality knockoffs? Are fakes of these brands common? What are things I should be looking for if I want to avoid fakes?
  2. N

    Fit Check: Buzz Rickson N-1 Non-Stenciled Demotex-ed

    Hey everybody, My Buzz Rickson N-1 arrived from HPA. I feel like the overall fit is solid for a N-1 jacket, but it does feel like the arm holes are digging into my armpits a bit. It's nothing that will make me hate the the jacket, but I'm curious about your thoughts on a) the overall fit, b) if...
  3. T

    FS: 1960s Cal Leather Horsehide CHP Motorcycle Jacket - Size 38ish w/Great Patina

    Here is a fantastic Cal Leather, horsehide, angle zip, motorcycle jacket in a smaller size (38ish I think). I just bought it but unfortunately it doesn't quite fit; I had this exact model for many years and foolishly sold it. This jacket has a fantastic distressed patina; perhaps the best I've...
  4. M

    Are these lines (scars?) natural to the leather?

    I was just browsing the internet and found this. The surface of this leather jacket got me curious. Under the two chest zippers there are many lines/scars. Are those supposed to be scars that existed on the animal's hide before it became leather? Or is it something that happens over time as the...
  5. M

    Will a teacore black Real McCoy's Buco J-24 turn completely brown over time?

    Can someone tell me if a black RMC J-24 will entirely change into brown over time or would it keep its original black color but only show brown in high wear areas?
  6. D

    Lightweight Jacket Options - California Weather

    Hello, new member here :) *I tried to search before creating this, so if a dup thread forgive me* leather jackets have always been my passion, and I always had those very cheap fake leather in the past because I couldnt afford a nice legit leather jacket Recently I pulled the trigger and in...
  7. M

    Can someone post pictures of a dry (but not cracked) leather jacket that needs conditioner vs one that does not need it?

    I've heard that you should condition your leather jacket after 20 years, if it gets wet, or if it looks dry but I'm not sure what a dry leather jacket would look like. I want to be able to spot the dryness and condition it before it starts cracking. Does anyone have pictures comparing dry and...
  8. Z


    Looking to trade this for a similar jacket. Ordered to Australia and paid customs like $300 and after paying additional customs to return it’s not worth it. Jacket is AMAZING but jusst slightly too small across the shoulders. Think I needed a large, unfortunately. I’m 6”1’ and a 41in chest and...
  9. J

    Looking for this jacket

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to the forum, so if I've posted this in the wrong place then I apologise! I found a long-sold jacket listing on here, and I adore the style, so I was hoping if anybody is looking to sell, or can point me in the direction of someone who is, then I might be able to find...
  10. A

    Belstaff vintage Panther 1966 leather jacket

    Belstaff Panther 1966. Size Medium leather jacket. Made in Italy. I got this years back and have worn it a few times but as much as I would like it to fit, it’s just a wee bit snug on me. I am 6f tall and 185 lbs. Someone a bit shorter and slimmer would fit this perfect. Its in excellent...
  11. A

    Dear friends, I need your professional help

    Good afternoon, dear friends, I really want to find this particular leather jacket or an identical one that will be 99.9% similar to this jacket. I've been looking all over the internet for over a month and can't find it. Can you help me find this model? Many thanks for considering my request.
  12. W

    FS: The Flat Head Single Rider's Jacket Size 40 Black Shinki HH $2000

    Hi Everyone, Asking Price: $2000 USD. Add for shipping and Paypal fee. Background: Up for sale is a pristine TFH Single Rider's Jacket Size 40 in Beautiful Black Shinki HH. This is being sold "full set" and includes the Original Box, Tags, Plastic Bags, Receipt and sticker still SEALED, and...
  13. OmarHashem

    FS: Lost Worlds Speed Demon Horsehide Leather Jacket (New), sz 44R, Crown Zippers

    Motorcycle Horsehide Leather Jacket - Speed Demon - By Lost Worlds New, unworn. Shipped from Egypt. Since I am new here, and to ensure mutual peace of mind, kindly proceed using this ebay listing if interested...
  14. V

    Schott Perfecto 618H sz. 38 EU

    Hi guys, I am quite new to posting on this forum, although I browse about every day. I am selling my Schott Perfecto 618H jacket, as it is simply too big for me, which makes it look a little too bulky for my taste. I have had somewhat common modifications done to it. The belt has been cut...
  15. M

    Overland Baseball/Bomber Leather Jacket Size Medium

    Overland Leather Baseball Jacket. Selling this jacket as if no longer fits the way I want it to. Bought it new last year from Overland. It’s a medium and I need a large. From sports events with the kids to dinner-and-movie dates on the weekend, this sleek, sporty leather baseball jacket will...
  16. D

    Is there too much grain on my new jacket?

    Hi all, I just got in my new custom Aero! I noticed my jacket has a lot of grain. That's completely fine with me, and expected. But on some areas of the jacket, the grain is pretty raised up (not sure how else to phrase that). The aesthetics I'm totally fine with. I just don't know if this is...
  17. M

    Magnoli Leather Coat For Sale- Expendables Style

    Hello fellow Clothing enthusiasts and fans, I am redoing my wardrobe (costly as that may be) but I am selling a coat that I no longer wear but had invested in previously. It is a custom leather jacket inspired by the jacket from Jason Statham in the Expendables 2. I can take additional photos...
  18. S

    FS: Iron Heart CPO (Large) & Tanuki "Red Cast" Denim Jacket (44)

    Hi everyone, Want this Iron Heart Shirt to go to a better home where it will get more use. Have only worn this 2 times. Shirt is unfortunately too tight in the shoulders and chest. Chest: 21" Inches Shoulders: 17" Sleeve Length: 25" Length: 28.5" Iron Heart Forum REFERENCE PRICE - $300...
  19. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    New Aero Ridley Jacket in Tumbled CXL FQHH

    Hello everyone, After taking all of your advice into account from my "Best Leather for a Lifelong Jacket?" thread back in May, I ended up ignoring pretty much all of it and instead decided to go with Tumbled CXL FQHH. After finally receiving the jacket today, I decided to take it to the one...
  20. M

    FS: Levi's Rare Limited Vintage Suede Trucker Leather Jacket, Size L

    For Sale: Levi's Rare Limited Vintage Suede Trucker Leather Jacket, Size L Price is €300 EUR (retail price was around €1.000 EUR) plus shipping costs from Europe (Romania) including insurance and tracking. Payments via Revolut or PayPal. Measurements: Length: 68cm (26.77 inches) P2P: 54cm...

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