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  1. S

    best leather pants under $300 used

    Hi, im looking for a pair of one piece (no seam at the knee) leather pants for under $300 used, right now im looking at aero but im curious if theres other/better options.
  2. S

    Looking for size 38 1950’s leather jacket

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  3. L

    Are white leather boots more likely to scuff/look bad with wear?

    I saw this really beautiful pair of white leather boots by YSL: vassili zipped boots in smooth leather I do worry about the color though. I currently have a pair of the YSL Harness boots, and they've held up really well so far, but they're black. For anyone here who has a pair of white boots...
  4. F

    Lightweight Jacket Options - California Weather

    Hello, new member here :) *I tried to search before creating this, so if a dup thread forgive me* leather jackets have always been my passion, and I always had those very cheap fake leather in the past because I couldnt afford a nice legit leather jacket Recently I pulled the trigger and in...
  5. T

    Real McCoy’s A-2 in Seal Brown Horsehide NWOT - Size “46”, fits 42-44

    Selling this Real McCoy Leather jacket. Brand new, even has the new leather smell still. Please see IMGUR album for measurements, this model definitely runs small: Shoulders: 19 Sleeve Length: 25.5 Hem: 20 P2P: 22 Length: 24 (from shoulder to hem), 25.5 (collar to hem) Initial offer is...
  6. D

    Vanson jacket help

    Hi all, I recently purchased a second hand Vanson in competition weight hide that's getting a lot more use on the motorbike now the sun's out! I can't remember the exact model but it's from the mid-90s. Unfortunately it came with a somewhat warped collar. Can anyone offer suggestions to...
  7. M

    Do waterproofing conditioners cause dry rot on leather?

    I read that water repellent products seal the leather's pores. Since the leather's pores are closed it can not breathe and will cause dry rot. This was said by Gail on the Schott forum. If I'm going to buy a leather conditioner should I avoid products that say waterproof, weatherproof, water...
  8. Nick Denver

    For Sale: Custom Aero Premier Highwayman *like new* (Size 40)

    Sad for me, GREAT for you! …that I am selling a highly customized Premier Highwayman. Really LOVE this jacket but it is one size too small. For reference I’m 5’ 10.5”, 165 lbs. I wear 33-34” jeans, medium tee shirts. Many would say this fits me perfectly, but I realized my preference is to have...
  9. S

    weird/uncommon leather jacket styles?

    im a very eclectic dresser and want something with a uniqueness to it. everyone knows double riders, cafes, the few varieties of bomber, ect. but im looking for something weird (with the caviat that it must be of a high quality)
  10. Thebuzzard

    Aero leathers cafe racer size 40

    Below is the order through Thurston of This beautiful cafe racer (I’ve quite literally outgrown). This is exquisite piece with lovely shades showing through, and wonderful creasing of the heavy leather. Asking 650 USD plus shipping, I’m in Vancouver Canada, the last jacket with insurance to...
  11. C

    Horse vs Steer vs Goat Premium Half Belt

    All, I'm in the process of ordering my custom Aero jacket. Pattern will be the premium half belt. Color will be Brown, or close to brown. Lining will be Cotton tartan. Sleeves will be Cotton drill or cotton sateen. Now for the really fun part.... I'm am at a 3 way impass for the actual...
  12. Thebuzzard

    Aero Sheene-40 Vicenza Horsehide "Blackened Brown" FS fits like a 42

    Offering an Aero Sheene originally ordered through Thurston Bros, barely broken in, made of blackened brown Vicenza which takes on a wonderful depth of tone and luster over time, often called a tea core black with brown highlights. This will look better and better with age, alas I became a...
  13. reaganmullins

    Vintage Horsehide Buco J-24

    Hey, everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been scouring the forum for quite some time. I recently acquired this Buco jacket from the original owner’s daughter and was just curious as to what the current value would be? I want to be sure I paid her fairly. It has the original belt...
  14. M

    Can someone post pictures of a dry (but not cracked) leather jacket that needs conditioner vs one that does not need it?

    I've heard that you should condition your leather jacket after 20 years, if it gets wet, or if it looks dry but I'm not sure what a dry leather jacket would look like. I want to be able to spot the dryness and condition it before it starts cracking. Does anyone have pictures comparing dry and...
  15. perseus

    Does anyone know what this leather jacket is?

    Does anyone know the specific model and brand of jacket Justin Theroux is wearing here? Further to this, does anyone know any jackets that are similar in style (one horizontal chest zip, cafe racer)? Thanks
  16. L

    Any opinions on the color scheme for these two wallets?

    I was trying to decide between these two wallets. I was curious if anyone could give their own point of view on which color scheme they prefer.
  17. G


    Hello. Want to sell my Schott P571 Cafe Racer. Felt great in the shop but I should have went one size larger. Worn at around the house primarily to break it in and a weekend or two out. No scratches or issues. Just bought a new leather that fits so looking to finally get this one out to...
  18. A

    Belstaff vintage Panther 1966 leather jacket

    Belstaff Panther 1966. Size Medium leather jacket. Made in Italy. I got this years back and have worn it a few times but as much as I would like it to fit, it’s just a wee bit snug on me. I am 6f tall and 185 lbs. Someone a bit shorter and slimmer would fit this perfect. Its in excellent...
  19. Observe

    WTB Black Type 3/Trucker Leather Jacket 42-44

    Hi, I'm looking for a black type 3 style leather jacket, if anyone has something lying around they're looking to get rid of. I'm looking for a 42-44 size. Usually go for jackets with roughly the following measurements: Chest: 22.5-23.5" Shoulder: 19-20" Sleeve: 25.5-27" Waist: 20-21" Back...
  20. A

    Dear friends, I need your professional help

    Good afternoon, dear friends, I really want to find this particular leather jacket or an identical one that will be 99.9% similar to this jacket. I've been looking all over the internet for over a month and can't find it. Can you help me find this model? Many thanks for considering my request.

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