Sterkowski cotton and leather Harley cap 7 7/8

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  1. I just received this hat directly from Sterkowski in Poland. It’s a great style. It is marked as a size 62cm, but it fits larger like a 7 7/8 or even a touch more. This is a BIG sized cap. Only tried on for fit and a few photos. New with tags:

    C92A7558-CA6A-4396-92A6-832FE2A4A31A.jpeg 2BBB4A24-BED7-43CD-B942-76B3CFB45E3A.jpeg 577C9E00-4B7C-4FE1-8D68-542093FDF86C.jpeg A081B0AB-A17D-48AF-A600-91C92F41228A.jpeg F933E65E-1F64-4946-A664-94A93424D280.jpeg 4D969D1E-6713-4FAC-AAF1-7465BD28DB34.jpeg 4459296E-26B6-4F9B-9021-1BC3FC864446.jpeg 68EFA065-20F6-4013-9339-FFBD7BA2C2DD.jpeg AF6B3402-B4A3-4BCB-805F-D4A338CE12AE.jpeg View attachment 253909

    I paid $62 for it and waited for it to ship from Poland. I’m offering it for $50 including shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. Please send me a PM if you’re interested or have questions.
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